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  1. ypsifly

    list your favorite single aa lights

    I have one and it gets regular rotation in my edc because of the build, tint, and UI. Perfect low for navigating my way to the bathroom, or down a trail at night. Bright enough on high with a nice neutral to warm tint. The ramping is very nice. My other single cell edc is a T1A Titan so...
  2. ypsifly

    Which of your lights seems to be the toughest? Least tough?

    Surefires: C2 w/M61W C3 w/M91 Titan T1A The Gerber Infinity is pretty tough despite the lack of lens. The cheapest are those dollar store 3xAAA shower heads that friends buy for me because they know I'm into lights.
  3. ypsifly

    Updated Inova lights???

    I know the X1 is in its fourth generation with a better emmiter and reflector. Much better than the last version. I think there is a thread around here about it if it wasn't lost during the crash. Still single stage though.
  4. ypsifly

    What's your favorite 1xAA LED light?

    I bought a D10 R2 last week and it has become my favorite. Great beam and a neutral tint...did I get lucky or are they all neutral? Close second is the Pentagonlight Molle: Not so much for output but it is so practical and makes for...
  5. ypsifly

    Surefire’s 2010 New Lights Discussion

    I'm wondering what the lenses will be made of? I'm not a fan of lexan, but I won't let it stop me from at least checking them out.
  6. ypsifly

    The Maratac AAA "Cu"

    I too am seriously considering buying one. I like the look of tarnished copper. If I bought one, I would like to accelerate the tarnishing process. That light would look very cool in a "Statue of Liberty" shade of green .
  7. ypsifly

    The "House" Flashlight

    Our emergency light is a Hi Gain - 500 4D with the fresnel lens. I put a Nite-ize led drop-in in place of the PR bulb. Its in the closet next to the front door. Next to the back door there is a Life Gear 1xAA hanging by it's lanyard on the key chain rack. No particular reason that I chose...
  8. ypsifly

    Malkoff M61W

    Yeah looks like there were about 20 more put up this afternoon. When I started to place my order for one there were 18. After I completed the transaction there were 8.:ooo: Now I must find a host. Maybe a black C3 w/ clicky....
  9. ypsifly

    The SureFire E2L-AA Thread

    Well I now know what my next light will be. In fact I might get two. One for my back pack and one for my fishing gear. Looks like a good BOB light since AAs seem to be the most common batteries around.
  10. ypsifly

    M60 MC-E... Don't ask...

    I have a C3 w/M60 MCE and was hoping to get a W for my 9P. Oh well...but I can understand why they aren't made anymore.
  11. ypsifly

    What Flashlight Would Batman Choose?

    One of his Bat Suits has sonar capabilities. From Batman Forever: "Batman: I see without seeing. To me, darkness is as clear as daylight. What am I? The Riddler: Please! You're as blind as a bat! Batman: Exactly." In the Arkham Asylum game he has the ability to pretty much see in the...
  12. ypsifly

    LED for farm use

    An alternative to the Husky might be the Lowes Task Force Cree 2C. About $5 more than the Husky with a little less output but it should get the job done. If you are willing to spend the money...Malkoff Devices started on a farm:
  13. ypsifly

    Got a new Surefire now which one

    Yeah jump on that E1B. For that price I would get one in each color. I paid full price for both and am totally satisfied. The silver just looks so damn cool and my black sports a Defender tail cap and serves as my edc. It also serves as the perfect compliment to the E2DL. If you can't get a...
  14. ypsifly

    My First Shelf Queen: Malkoff MD2

    I read somewhere that elite soldiers will consider themselves already dead before they go into battle. They accept that death is inevitable and are better able to deal with the task at hand. It helps to minimize if not eliminate fear. I take a similar attitude towards the lights I use. My...
  15. ypsifly

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Malkoff M60 MC-E drop in. I bought it because I need more lights with flood and after the M60F I bought last month, it was the next logical step. It will eventually go in a C3 that's yet to be bought. With the Holidays coming up money is going to be a little tight so it will go in my 6PDL...
  16. ypsifly

    How about surefire C2L Led flashlight?

    Yeah I made the mistake of buying a now hosts an M60F.:thumbsup: So much better...not that there's anything wrong with the just doesn't have that wow factor or the ability to sweep my back yard like the M60F. I have an M60 MC-E on the way with a C3-HAIII and clicky to...
  17. ypsifly

    Recommendations on CHEAP AA based LED lights for storing in the cars?

    Gerber Infinity Ultra. Looong run time, durable, and under $20 at REI. Cool tint but great for up close work. Put a lithium in it and it will always be there.
  18. ypsifly

    Waiting for the SureFire LX1...

    I spoke with customer service this afternoon about a seperate issue and was told that we could expect it in early 2010.
  19. ypsifly

    How rough are you on your lights?

    My attitude towards my edcs is that these lights will be will be used, damaged, and at some point will become inoperable. At the same time I do not abuse them or perform "torture tests". My E1B was not cheap but I won't feel bad if it dies in the line of duty. I manage commercial kitchens and...
  20. ypsifly

    How do you carry your EDC?

    E1B clipped bezel down in LFP. C2 w/Malkoff M60F loose in jacket breast pocket. Streamlight Nano clipped to SAK loose in RFP. At work I keep a Microstream clipped inside the breast pocket of my chef's coat. In my truck there's a Lowes Kobalt 2x123, Mag 3D wled drop in (both lights in...

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