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  1. Phaserburn

    Wolfeyes M90 Rattlesnake

    I would be interested in any options you might find! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Phaserburn


    Any chance that a drop in that DOES fit the old Wolf Eyes/Pila lights could be made? I have several D26 and D36 models that I’d love to keep more up to date. They have a great heavy duty build and I’ve been on the lookout for an led option. Especially a neutral/warm option to keep the same feel.
  3. Phaserburn

    looking for ROP bulbs

    Pm sent
  4. Phaserburn

    looking for ROP bulbs

    I have a stash of ROP bulbs if anyone is interested. 8 3854 hi, and 2 3854 low.
  5. Phaserburn

    looking for ROP bulbs

    I may have a bunch of these.
  6. Phaserburn

    restored my dads old Dorcy 2D

    The one I linked contains voltage regulation circuitry; not all 8AA to 2D adapters do. There were several created by CPF veterans along the way, and they were as you said, a series adapter only resulting in voltage of 9.6 and capacity of 2ah (if using eneloops, for example). The powerstik has...
  7. Phaserburn

    restored my dads old Dorcy 2D

    Don't know if they can be had anymore. Here's a link.
  8. Phaserburn

    restored my dads old Dorcy 2D

    One of my favorite 2D upgrades for old plastic work lights is the 8aa 3.6V regulated battery cartridge. I use a mag 3cell bulb with it. Much brighter than original, runs in flat regulation for 4-5 hrs, and has a soft start to extend bulb life. I like it because it keeps the light old school...
  9. Phaserburn

    What is the pinnacle of Incan Flashlights in your opinion?

    For the more $ sensitive, wolf eyes made seriously beefy lights that used all the great lumens factory lamps.
  10. Phaserburn

    Variable output incandescent?

    I still have one of these bad boys! It's very cool. The beam was crappy, so I made it great with some diffusion film. That suited it better as a headlamp anyway.
  11. Phaserburn

    Variable output incandescent?

    No, really. They came out with a multi power mode one.
  12. Phaserburn

    Variable output incandescent?

    Incan magcharger
  13. Phaserburn


    I still love my d26 and d36 wolf eyes and Solarforce set ups. Lumens factory!
  14. Phaserburn

    Where can I find bi-pin bulbs for the FiveMega D26 drop-in for the P6?

    Streamlight T3 bulbs are widely available, and are a good match for your batts.
  15. Phaserburn

    2xAA Incan Bulb

    The mag 6 cell bulb fully driven will likely melt the internals of your cheapie 2aa in fairly short order.
  16. Phaserburn

    Mag changed their incan bulb!

    Wow! That's wild.
  17. Phaserburn

    Color Coding of PR Bulbs

    I have a pretty good stash that I still play and experiment with.
  18. Phaserburn

    SolarForce l2x ext. and l2p incandescent lamp long run and/or bright lamp choice

    For the standard LA's available from Lumens Factory, I'd recommend you stay with the regular, higher capacity cell. More runtime, no difference in brightness. The IMR cells are for very high draws. Most Li-ions are good up to 2C, IIRC. C is the capacity, so a 2200ma cell could be good up to...
  19. Phaserburn

    Favorite Incandescent/s

    The M90 is a great host for D36 LA's. I also have the 3x18650 setup for it.
  20. Phaserburn

    2x18650+ KPR112 + Eveready Economy Bright Light = Sleeper light

    It won't take too long. Mag 2d is good for this, as the stock parts can handle a 5-6 watt bulb.