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  1. carrot

    Olympus photography division for sale

    I’m an avid Olympus shooter. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I’m pretty invested. There is hope yet, as JIP doesn’t seem to be planning to strip the camera division clean, but I wouldn’t say things look good either. M43 excels at some things other systems can only dream of...
  2. carrot

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Old buddy! It has been a long time!
  3. carrot

    Mozilla Firefox

    Easily in a no-win situation. If Mozilla didn't oust Eich, they'd be forever known for having the anti-gay CEO... now that Eich is out, they now get to be the company that doesn't respect personally held political beliefs.
  4. carrot

    any gamers ?

    I love the progression of Tomb Raider. Feels a bit like Metroidvania with the gadgets you pick up along the way. Graphics are great. The controls are tight, the action is smooth and the combat is fun. I can't believe so many people overlooked this one, as it's got some of the tightest gameplay...
  5. carrot

    any gamers ?

    I stopped playing GTAV halfway through to try clearing up my backlog of games. I'm working on Tomb Raider and Pokemon Y and the new Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney right now…
  6. carrot

    Runners - Recommend a running jacket

    I don't run, but I commute by bike so I have a general idea of what works in high exertion in cold weather. For me, there are a few jackets I really like for this: the Patagonia Houdini, the Westcomb Crest Hoody, the Arcteryx Accelero and the Marmot DriClime. The Patagonia Houdini might be a...
  7. carrot

    any gamers ?

    Disagree completely. RE5 was awesome and so was RE:R.+ RE6 was terrible, but Mercenaries mode was still a blast.
  8. carrot

    What do you guys initially think of the IOS 7 experience

    I disagree. The screenshots look a little strange when you view them on a computer screen but when you view them on the vibrant retina display the overall aesthetic fits very well. As with everything else, "you'll get used to it" certainly applies here.
  9. carrot

    any gamers ?

    Been playing my copy... it is incredible. The level of detail they put into this one makes GTA4 look like a bargain bin game.
  10. carrot

    What do you guys initially think of the IOS 7 experience

    I like it so far. Been an iPhone user since the first one and it's about time we saw a graphical overhaul. The interface is clean and the animations are fun. The new icon styles are outstanding, less visual clutter and easier to identify at a glance. I have heard that if you are using it on a...
  11. carrot

    Is the current economy in 2013 hurting LED flashlight buying just a little or a lot?

    I am in the same boat as jellydonut here. I recently just bought a few lights to catch up but I agree that there's not all that much interesting new developments happening right now... mostly just emitter upgrades and rehashes of same-old, same-old. On the other hand, my hobbies have...
  12. carrot

    Which hiking shoes/boots would you recommend?

    When I worked at a place that sold Keens and other brands, my footwear colleague asserted that Keens were at least Merrell level of quality and possibly slightly higher. To my knowledge they seem to wear pretty well.
  13. carrot

    Which hiking shoes/boots would you recommend?

    If you have narrow feet take a long hard look at the Salomons. Pretty much all of their boots are straight up awesome, including the Quest 4D and the XA Pro 3D. If you're like me and have wide feet, however, you might be better served with Keen or Lowa, particularly the Lowa Zephyr. You'll...
  14. carrot

    Ladybug crawling on my chest.

    Funny how we like ladybugs but typically not other beetles.
  15. carrot

    East Coast October Snowstorm Thread

    Nothing about the weather seemed particularly out of the ordinary here in NYC: subways ran fine, and it was business as usual throughout. Went out to a bar to celebrate my friend's birthday amongst friends, rain and snow bounced off my new rain jacket, and had an excellent time staying warm...
  16. carrot

    Cool thing that Dorcy did...

    It is fantastic to see people stepping up to help people. As a side note, Dorcy has also been very generous to our community with an excellent coupon code as noted on the MP.
  17. carrot

    TV Then And Now; What happened?

    I don't watch a lot of TV these days, however one standout for me is Bones. Can't get enough of Bones. It's funny and has great characters. Personally, I lament the fact that cartoons that I watched when I was younger are no longer aired... Looney Tunes being a big one, but also Dexter's Lab...
  18. carrot

    any gamers ?

    I have never really been a fan of Rockstar games. I have GTA3, GTA:VC, GTA:LCS, GTA:SA, GTA4, GTA4:TBGT, RDR and LAN... and I've played each one to completion but they never really feel like they have truly satisfying gameplay. Some emergent scenarios are always interesting, being chased by cops...
  19. carrot

    any gamers ?

    Don't really play a lot of FPS... I'm more interested in stealth action and RPGs... Right now Deus Ex Human Revolution is my favorite game of the year but it is single player with no multiplayer component. Borderlands was fun for awhile but got too repetitive and grind-y (my two friends and I...
  20. carrot

    any gamers ?

    I used to play Black Ops with a clan like this. It was actually really fun, and the clan wasn't hyper-competitive, but we worked well together having played so many matches together.