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    Acebeam repair

    Same experience with a headlamp I have from Acebeam. That’s the cost of buying products that aren’t made in your country.
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    Bezel removal tools from darksucks and oveready

    I can’t believe Prometheus ever sold that POS made on a rapid prototype machine. Not the right use for prototyping material. Anyway, wrap gorilla tape around the bezel and body individually. Wrap them so the tape strip will tighten as you twist. Grab each with a really good pliers and it will...
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    Bezel removal tools from darksucks and oveready

    That DarkSucks tool looks like an absolute POS. If someone gave it to me for free the first thing I would do is throw it away.
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    Looking for a 1000 Lumens bulb for Solarforce L2P

    Dave (Nailbender on this forum) at Customlites will make a dropin to your liking at a very reasonable price. Contact him.
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    Recommend a flashlight for a pizza delivery guy

    Check out the Convoy S2+ with the XP-L HI emitter (neutral please). You can find it at mtnelectronics. Fits the budget, perfect hand held size, lots of throw.
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    One EDC flashlight to rule them all.

    Common to the bicycle industry, Keith Bontrager apparently coined the phrase "Strong, Light, Cheap - Pick two". That holds true for all products, just insert the correct terms. For flashlights, maybe something like "Bright, Small, Cheap - Pick two".
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    Weapon mount light suggestions

    No go on the disco modes. Keep that stuff for impressing your friends. A single mode with a tape switch or clicky/twisty(press) tailcap is the option your looking for. I've got an M300 Scout with tape switch mounted in a Knights Armament M-Lok on my AR. I'm liking that a lot and will...
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    Looking for suggestions on portable task lighting with gripping/clamping capabilities

    I was originally thinking flashlight format, but I'm going to try one of those Viltrox panels. Those look really nice, no hot spot (which is what I want) with a tripod mount. Sweet. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Looking for suggestions on portable task lighting with gripping/clamping capabilities

    I'm after a lighting solution to specifically use inside machines as I take video trying to capture problems. Sometimes the GoPro I use needs some help with lighting the area I'm planning on recording. I'd like to find a light that is mounted to, or can be mounted to some sort of clip or...
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    What to do with faulty Lumintop Tool AA

    Don't give it away. Don't give somebody else a piece of junk that's going to turn them off of "nicer" flashlights. Mod it.
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    a Man of Few Lights

    Archimedes, You could add another new chart next to the one in your signature. Instead of lumens increasing to a peak and then declining, it could show number of lights. I'm in the same boat as WebHobbit. Couldn't buy enough lights when I started, but now have been thinning the herd and...
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    5K Neutral White Lights

    Your definition of "neutral white" may be a bit off, leading to some disappointment with certain color temps. Neutral White is generally 4000-4500K. There's no standard defining this so that's open to interpretation, but I'd venture to say most people on this forum won't consider 5000K...
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    Surefire Z58 and Fury clicky switches cause flickering during press

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed this before. If I use either of my Z58's or a Fury click switch on most of my 6P, 9P, G2, or G3 lights they cause flickering during activation. Most of the 6P's have M61 variants in them, the 9P has an M91. It will also flicker with a P60 lamp. As I push...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    How quickly did Elzetta answer emails? Recently people have been getting no reply from them as well.
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    What you're describing is the clearance in the threads. It's a fact of life, there is clearance between internal and external threads. There has to be to accommodate tolerances. If you want nice threads in a "tighter" class you buy a Prometheus light or other nice custom. Again, Elzetta likes...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    Elzetta likes to call this a "feature" but it's really just axial slop in the threads. Not consistent, not repeatable, not a feature in my books.
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    I'm not sure why an Elzetta would be any different than a 6P/Malkoff dropin with regards to battery crushing. They both have springs at each end of the battery stack. What reasoning did Elzetta give you other than "we're better".
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    Today I learned why not to trust a cheap light

    I see a few references to McClicky switch upgrades so I'll chime in. I've broken 2 of them throughout my time with nice lights. Both from falls about 3-4ft, one in a Surefire 6P upgraded tailcap, one in an RPM tailcap. There are some small, thin sheetmetal components that make up that switch...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    Can someone with a 415L Alpha pull their bezel and optic and let us know what emitter is in there? Many thanks.
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    You're missing a little detail there. It looks like you've suggested to avoid 2x16340, which would work just fine in a Charlie. Just to clarify, running 3 x 16340 in a Charlie might not be a good idea. I've never seen the voltage range listed, likely because Elzetta is planning on 3xCR123...