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  1. nightshade

    CPF Nostalgia

    The current CafePress CPF logo gear pages are here : Mugs, stickers, etc are still being offered.
  2. nightshade

    CPF Nostalgia

    Yes, roughly 2004/2005, I vaguely remember the CPF logo could be purchased on polo shirts, mugs, etc. Here is a thread that supports my aging memory : TIN, great pen and logo, btw. :)
  3. nightshade

    Awesome Older Tech Gadgets

    Very nice! Beautiful collection! It's not really old, it's just that we don't live very long. :)
  4. nightshade

    Small Portable Radio's?

    Wonderful thread....thanks to all for the information. :thanks:
  5. nightshade

    What's your EDC Calculator?

    Thanks for the link FlashGordon, added to my PC and Roid. And good to see you around as well.
  6. nightshade

    What's your EDC Calculator?

    RBR, Those Addiators are in wonderful shape! Every example I have seen , in person, has been non-functional. Those and the Curta mechanical calculators are works of art, imo.
  7. nightshade

    What's your EDC Calculator?

    I completely understand the "stigma" surrounding the old, geeky calc watc. Really dated(bad pun intended). :grin2: I have recently restarted a small collection of calculators and slide rules. One of my still functioning favorites is a early 70's Commodore with red leds .
  8. nightshade

    What's your EDC Calculator?

    Go ahead and giggle :) Casio 506 watch: I have a smartphone, laptop and electrical conversion calculator at work. But, I still wear this one. Very water resistant and cheap. I spend too much time at work in really confined, grimey spots. In those cases, I don't wear any watch or phone, etc...
  9. nightshade

    Variation on the Bug out Bag

    I may suggest foam type earplugs and a bandanna or dust mask. All are light weight and take up minimal space. I like to carry a hybrid, at the very least: Also, duct tape and a wallet magnifier are useful items too. Little length of food grade 1/4" tubing...
  10. nightshade

    Firearms battery

    Interesting questions. My original starting battery consisted of: 1. Ruger SP101 3" .357 /.38 - Still my favorite . Multi-caliber, accurate, simple, built like a bank vault. If need be, concealable. Fits the hands of my wife and children. Very large variety of available ammo for .38 /.357...
  11. nightshade

    Food prices and emergency planning

    A good article with recipes: The tamale pie recipe is :party:
  12. nightshade

    Good AA Holster

    You may wish to check the Rip-Off site as well. Example:
  13. nightshade

    Hurricane season is just around the corner; do you have your supplies?

    Sub, thank you for the very informed reply (as always) and the link. I have placed a order with the dealer. I like the option of a variety of trial packs that they offer.
  14. nightshade

    Hurricane season is just around the corner; do you have your supplies?

    Sub, no problem. If you would, please post a link to that product. My questions about the UHT milk were meant for anyone who has any experience with the milk. I'm looking for small, short term, non-refrigerated,liquid milk stock and a long term solution (6-8 years) as well. The #10 cans sound...
  15. nightshade

    Hurricane season is just around the corner; do you have your supplies?

    Has anyone tried the UHT variety of milk? The product seems to be more accepted in Europe than the US. Is the 6 month shelf life realistic? One brand that I've seen locally:
  16. nightshade

    Super-Thin Wallet

    I've used a CountyComm "LaWallet" for a little under a year and have been very happy with it. Holds my credit cards, D.L.,and a Eze-Lap credit card sized sharpening stone and a BSA Firesteel while still maintaining a slim profile.
  17. nightshade

    Emergency Food

    Great thread. I have been using this site for supplies such as canned butter and canned Kraft cheese, etc. The butter can be stored without refrigeration.
  18. nightshade

    whats pro gold?

    Last post, ever, here on CPF. Using De-oxit and Pro-gold on high amp and high resistance contacts ,such as the FireFly 3 or modded Arc ,reduces contact pitting and blackening by over 70-75% vs. common means ,IMHO. To the most excellent original CPF mods and original members- you rule :rock...
  19. nightshade

    Which Multimeter?

    I recommend the Hioki 3246.
  20. nightshade

    What is the best fire starter?

    Shankus, cool to see you posting. The disadvantage of the Magnesium fire starters is the shavings are very easily blown away in even the slightest breeze. The resulting ignition is very,very brief under the best of conditions. A good fire starting kit is small, lightweight and inexpensive and...