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  1. PhantomZ

    Keychain button-battery lights?

    i'm going to say Photons as well. had one on my keychain for years and they take a beating everyday just by being carried, put down, tossed and of course being used every so often. battery and light still works just like new. i did, however ended up giving it to my brother in law and bought a...
  2. PhantomZ

    HELP>>Double ended led flashlight??

    does it have to be double ended? i remember the first muliti-colour LED is the, gerber recon, but it has 4 LED colours. red, white, green and blue. the first link is the cheapest i've found so far just doing a quick google search. to buy -...
  3. PhantomZ

    Stupid Term EDC

    maybe after 40 to 50+ years later for me i would need some "EDC", lol
  4. PhantomZ

    find me a light

    how about a Surefire 6P LED?
  5. PhantomZ

    Fenix L0D alternative?

    i would buy another Fenix LOD since it worked for you, keep that on your keychain, then buy another light similar to the LOD (or the same light) and use that one for your hat. never hurts to have a backup around so when you lose one, you still have another around.
  6. PhantomZ

    Light to wear on neck chain

    i wore a Ti cr2 ion on one of my 4 day hike in peru. the low light was not bad for a tent light since it is a flood light. high setting was great for walking at night, but it got pretty hot after 10-15mins of use. that uses a cr2 battery though. i'm getting a fenix LO-Ti cause i needed/wanted a...
  7. PhantomZ

    LED Keychain suggestions?

    the photon and photon clones are great. it's small, light, durable, easy to press on single handed and cheap. it's bright enough for me which i use it to do a quick check in and around my car before i get in at night. i tried using a cr2 ion and other similar size/type lights but i find that...
  8. PhantomZ

    Surefire U2 any reason not to buy....?

    i got mine when they first released it. almost a year after i almost sold it. if i did, i would have regretted it. the U2 is the best all around use. using rechargeables around the house gives you guilt free lumens. the 1-6 level settings was very useful when i went camping, better then the L2...
  9. PhantomZ

    Need a UV flashlight, suggestions?

    i find that the Inova x5 isn't that great, imo. i find it almost useless when tested on Canadian and US bills. i have a light made for me that uses seven 365nm 5mm LEDs (which i find is the best all around use wavelength, at least for my purpose) and it'll fluoresce things up to 15 feet away. it...
  10. PhantomZ

    The Best Micro/KeyChain LED Light?

    there are photon clones (they also come in different body colours) you can buy at a fraction of the cost of a real photon light and they can be just as bright or brighter then the real photon brand. i have photon clones on my other sets of keys but a real photon on my main keys just because its...
  11. PhantomZ

    What finish do you prefer?

    Nat i guess for key chain because if the keys are silver colour, they would match more. black will show scratches more so then Nat.
  12. PhantomZ

    LED in cell phones?

    i have the 5140. looks to me its a 3mm. its not as bright as the photons or photon clones but its plenty bright enough to walk to my bed with after i turn off the lights. i loved the phone and wish my current phone 6620 had a light. as for the runtime.. it would stay on for a few days i'm sure...
  13. PhantomZ

    Gladius buzzing?

    it could be the regulator making the buzzing. kinda like the L2 on low it will buzz in the head.
  14. PhantomZ

    Suggestions for gifts to tribal elders in New Guinea

    some cheap lights here as well,
  15. PhantomZ

    Peak Matterhorn

    Peak's website has the pocket style.
  16. PhantomZ

    Peak Matterhorn

    you can buy the Peak lights here, and here, and reviews can be read here, and here, i have both high and ultra-power...
  17. PhantomZ

    UK 2AAA eLED Penlight S info pls

    thanks everyone for all the info :) i had the UK incan penlight before and iirc it was nice for short hikes in the dark, but i had to cover the sides with black electrical tape because the glare was bugging me. i forgot about the Peak Pacific. i was doing some research last night and the...
  18. PhantomZ

    UK 2AAA eLED Penlight S info pls

    i did a search here and only found 1 thread but wasnt very helpful for me. if anyone has one and can post some beam pics and give a small review on the ups and downs i would really appreciate the time. if possible that it can be compared to a SF U2, HDS 60, Peak lights with 1,3 or 7 LEDs or a...
  19. PhantomZ

    suggest a light...

    the only light that i can think of that are Non-conductive metal body are the lights made from Titanium, ie, Mclux III, Raw, CR2 ION, Peak 7LED??, Exolion, Li-on Cub. i'm missing a few lights but those are the only ones i can think of right now. each of those lights mulitlevel brightness and...
  20. PhantomZ

    Looking for a new EDC light...

    just like everyone is saying, the HDS is basicly the upgrade version of the ARC4. the ARC4 was rated 30 lumens (correct me if i'm wrong) and the HDS has 3 models that have 42, 60 and 85 lumens. the HDS functions like the ARC4 and has all the extra stuff like S.O.S, flash, etc. i have both and...