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    Surefire L1 with 2 stage tailcap doesn't go high when it twisted to end.

    Apologies for not finding my way back to this thread sooner. As you may know, the way that this tailcap works is there is a resistor inside that current passes through if the leaf springs are not depressed, and that signals to the light to use low mode. When the leaf springs are depressed all...
  2. carrot

    Surefire L1 with 2 stage tailcap doesn't go high when it twisted to end.

    If you look inside the tailcap, what condition are the three leaf springs in?
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    New incan flashlight in 2020: STILL possible!

    Yikes. This is exactly the kind of thing I have to stay away from. I have an E2e that's been begging for pocket carry, maybe a 3.7v bulb will make it guilt-free!
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    surefire 6p

    Hydroflouric acid is very toxic but easily available and useful for etching glass. Warning: do not ever touch HF with bare hands! Searching CPF reveals some information too.
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    surefire 6p

    The P61 would be it, as it has a longer tungsten filament (and 50% more output), but it burns through batteries twice as quick! You could also glaze the lens of the flashlight.
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    Looking to to buy a Surefire (or equivalent reliability) incan.

    Re: Best place to buy a Surefire (or equivelent reliability) incan. Surefire is honestly a very good choice as they are still the original #1 choice in high powered incan. The G2 is a totally bomber light and still available everywhere at outstanding prices. B&H has them for $41.30 right now...
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    SF M6 strange incident

    You've just discovered a secret of the M6. The M6 runs two parallel sets of 3 serial batteries. This also means that for extra runtime you can use an M3T bulb in place of the M6 bulbs...
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    Surefire "PORSCHE" E-Series Light..

    Re: Sf porshe ? I remember hearing about this, but I don't remember much else about it. It certainly does exist. However, a search for Porsche Surefire does bring up something relevant....
  9. carrot

    Question about the Surefire A2

    Re: Price Check for a Surefire A2 There's something interesting to note with the A2. I forget the exact specifics but the older 4-sided flat body A2 had slightly different regulation settings than the newer 3-sided round body A2, resulting in the 3-sided squeezing a little more juice out of the...
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    Old Surefire M6 Guardian....what to do with it?

    If you wish to upgrade it to an LED, the Lumens Factory Seraph XM-L Turbohead would be a nice possibility!
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    Best Surefire G2 Nitrolon bulb replacment.

    If you are willing to go to LED, the Malkoff M61L is a great choice. The regular M61 might be too hot for it but the M61L will provide a lot of light and a very long run time. I have a bunch of his older M60LF modules in my Nitrolon Surefires.
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    Will 2 IMR 16340's burn out a P90 or P91 lamp?

    A friend of mine reports that he has been carrying his P90 with 2x16340 IMR for a year with no problems.
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    Streamlight Strion owners.......

    Strion's a pretty cool light. I like mine and I'm glad I picked one up.
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    Any not too expensive but good incans

    I would check out the UK 4AA (sold by BrightGuy) or the Princeton Tec Tec40. You could also check out Pelican, Streamlight, and Tektite.
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    Question About Legacy

    Sure it sounds simple, but primaries (regular non-rechargeables) are 3.0V and rechargeables (Li-ion of various chemistries) are 4.2V or 3.3V... which could definitely blow a bulb or a circuit depending on how hard the bulb is driven or how tight the regulation range of the driver is. It's not...
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    Question About Legacy

    Be careful with those, they are not necessarily 3.0V! I don't have the exact information on that right now... but try looking around on CPF for data on so-called 3.0V CR123 rechargeables.
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    Question About Legacy

    I'm not sure about the Legacy specifically, but not all 2xCR123 lights will fit an 18650. You might have to go with a 17670, which is also not guaranteed to fit because, like the 18650, the 17670 is slightly thicker than a true CR123A battery. You will also need to figure out how to put a...
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    The Incandescent Tribute Challenge

    The new challenge has arrived! Please proceed calmly but quickly to the next challenge!
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    The Incandescent Tribute Challenge

    I'll announce the next challenge one week from today. One hint: this challenge will belong to a different subforum of CPF than the other two! In the meanwhile, feel free to challenge yourself to LED/Incan hybrid goodness. Or to extend one of the other challenges. Or carry any of your lights. Or...
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    The Incandescent Tribute Challenge

    I have immensely enjoyed this challenge and I think I will be carrying my E2e or C2 through the next week. In any case, the next challenge will be announced a week from tomorrow so plenty of time for people to finish this challenge or attempt the 5mm one. Biggest lessons learned for me was...