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  1. PhantomZ

    Ti 2xAA McClickie Pak wave

    anyone correct me if i'm wrong, these are made from grade 5 (aka 6-4) ?
  2. PhantomZ

    How do you carry your PD?

    am i the first to say this? i actually happen to love using the clip on my belt without a landyard or holster. just as is. i can go anywhere and do anything with it without having to worry about losing it. i bent the lip where the landyard hole is just a bit higher so i'm able to slide it on my...
  3. PhantomZ

    Mclux III PD-S

    yup, the one at the green is the brightest out of all the colours. they say that next brightest is blue then red. i had a blue one before but sold it and got a green cause blue wasnt bright enough for me. oh! you can add a glow in the dark o-ring for the one behind the lens. if...
  4. PhantomZ

    Nice - Ti Aleph 1

    the DB917-S just drops in without any change or mod to the reflector right? what's the difference between the DB917-S and the NG750-S? are you planning on getting a Ti body and tailcap to make a Ti set? i love the A1 size head. the A3 is alittle too big but if you want throw, the A3 is the way...
  5. PhantomZ

    Mclux III PD-S

    instead of a Ti bezel, how about the SS ones? the ones with the tritiums are great to have if you'll have it on your nightstand~
  6. PhantomZ

    Question on different types of Ti27 heads

    thanks WP for answering. i wonder what parts exactly are made from CP.
  7. PhantomZ

    Question on different types of Ti27 heads

    i understand that the Ti XR27 is a Cree LED and the S27 is the Seoul LED, and both head's lens/window are held in place with 1 or 2 o-rings, but i've seen a pic where the head uses a screwed on bezel ring to keep the lens/window in? when was that one made or is it only a custom job? or am i...
  8. PhantomZ

    glowing garbage can!!

    i acually like it! i'd get one for my gf and myself. i tried google and i cant find a site to purchase one. would you be able to send me a link pls? hope its not too expensive though. i wonder about the size as well~
  9. PhantomZ

    27LT & PD with Seoul** All Gone**

    Re: 27LT & PD with Seoul edited. this wasnt the Ti version sold was it?
  10. PhantomZ

    McGizmo light on AA's?

    well... this isnt a 2AA light... acually its a single AAA light. i thought i post it anyways since i said i had something to show. its a 2 stage driver with Nichia Rigel LED. now that would be nice maybe is Ti with a PD.
  11. PhantomZ

    McGizmo light on AA's?

    i cant remember who made it or who has it, but there was gold plated or gold coloured AA light that sorta looked like a Mcgizmo creation. i'm not at home right now but i think i have the pic at home and can try posting it later. i think that was only a 1 time thing.
  12. PhantomZ

    Poll/Discussion. Which do you prefer, the C-pack or the PD???

    i voted for the PD, though i've never used a Mcgizmo clickie before, because i like how the PD functions, like how i prefer my L2 over my friends L4.
  13. PhantomZ

    Ti mCree XR19!!!

    thanks bernie, i thought i read 100 lumens back on one of the pages. i hope its brighter with throw and with same or more flood then the current Ti PDs. too bad you cant just buy the complete head alone, at least not planned yet.
  14. PhantomZ

    Ti mCree XR19!!!

    sorry, dumb question, but the XR19 PD will be brighter (at 100 lumens) then the original TI PD (at 50 lumens) because of the different reflector and its using a cree LED, both are run at 524ma, and the XR19 will have similar or better runtimes because the cree is more efficiant then the...
  15. PhantomZ

    Interest thread/poll for Ti PD27L

    i'll have to say as well that having a clip is a must have for me. i would have the option of taking it off or putting it back on as i please, but i would most likely keep it on. the Ti's clip is awsome but i wish that it was a bit longer to fit a 1 1/2 belt without the clip clipping onto the...
  16. PhantomZ

    Post-Release McLux Ti-PD discussion

    Buldge = extra Ti metal = higher price when resold?? :P how is the inside? is it still smooth and straight or warped like the outside? btw... does anyone know where i can find the post where one of the cpf'er said his first custom light is the Ti PD and it has a machine scratch on the side...
  17. PhantomZ

    UV1J vs UX0K

    i'm not sure if i like the UV1J. comparing it to a UWOJ the UV1J seems kinda too yellowish for me. i think i'm the first to say that the UV1J IMO isnt that great as everyone is saying. i didnt get my first choice which was the UXOK. i'll be swapping the emitter if/when i can get an extra...
  18. PhantomZ

    WOW! Ti-PD pics

    Ahh~ thx Macaw :)
  19. PhantomZ

    WOW! Ti-PD pics

    *DROOLING* those are sick pics.........!! is it me or is there an extra keyring hole? and how would you utilize it? pics would be nice pls :)
  20. PhantomZ

    Ti PD Order Thread: **CLOSED**

    Re: Ti PD Order Thread is sent an email for one. i hope it made it to your email~