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    32650 Li-ions

    Colonel I stand corrected as they are 5500mah with pcm button top & should run 15A constant. Google Foshan Shida Battery Company Ltd. For those who want to see frontline batteries try google ABS batteries.
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    32650 Li-ions

    I took the chance with an Alibaba distributer & just got 5*32650ish protected cells from a manufacturer in China as a sample. These are actually 68.5mm long but this I knew before the purchase as all the specs were made available to me prior to payment. They were very accommodating as to...
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    Li-ion battery analyzer

    iv'e been using this one.:thumbsdow But it's killing my batteries:poof: well not so mucha :poof: more is the case that they seem to charge fine but then have so much resistance that they only light the led at such a low level that you can happily look at the light while on and a foot in front...
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    Got the new D-cell Lithium Ion

    I think AW is now selling D LI-Ions. Try them you'll find them on the forum. However i'm almost sure you'll get your stuff from slow old Kai eventually. I think they nead to get into the i'm in for type aproach to pre-ordering bulk for resale.