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    Flood vs Floody beam types

    Full flood (mules) are awesome for organizing basement, cleaning out garage, etc. Also When doing night walks/runs I use a h602w waist mounted to supplement my h600w headlamp. More often than not I use the magic tape diffusing trick to diffuse my h600w and make it more floody. For reading I...
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    Looking for a good reading Healamp - 2017

    I found using my Zebralight h602w mule light a bit distracting for reading as it lights up outside of the book pages just as bright as the pages thenselves. I like my zebralight h52fw better for reading as it is more concentrated light in the middle on the pages themselves. I find this lights...
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    Headlamp for outdoor cooking

    Although it doesn't use common batteries or usb rechargeable without the use of a seperate charger, the first headlamp that comes to mind is the zebralight h600fd III. The headlamp price is $89 which I consider a bargain for such a nice light. It opens up more options too when you go to 18650...
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    trail running headlamp recommendations please

    Great post Thinairdesigns. That's the same thing I did with my 3 Zebralights. It puts the weight of headlamp directly againts the strap and not left up to the flimsy silicone holder. Huge improvement in stability and more comfortable too. So much more stable that the top strap isn't needed...
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    Zebralight H600, H600w, H600F, H600Fw Mk III XHP35

    Just curious if you have contacted support on your switch failures? If outside of warranty I have read they can repair lights at a reasonable cost. I haven't had an issue with my 3 zebralights yet, but like to hear if folks have positive results using zebralight support.
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    Skilhunt H03 Headlamp Mods for Waist Light

    Re: Headlamp Mods for Waist Light I didn't really care for the feel of the gopro chest mount and also there was some arm shadowing going on depending on where your arms are during a run. Mainly it feels more comfortable on my waist and I can easily forget they are there on the waist. I think I...
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    Skilhunt H03 Headlamp Mods for Waist Light

    Re: Headlamp Mods for Waist Light I have some experience with waist mounted and chest mounted lights as well as headlamps. I've tried different combos of beam patterns on the waist, but my favorite is a Zebralight H602w on the waist which is a mule type light. I tried the H600w on the waist...
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    Does anybody owned Lupine wilma RX 14 ?

    I own an older version Lupine Betty and Wilma and they are indeed high quality stuff, but I wouldn't recommend them for caving. They wont be as water tight as some of the caving specific lights and also they use a glass lens in front which could break on impact. Someone posted pictures of one...
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    Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50 V3 field use review.

    Thanks, I forgot about the xhp50 quad die. I guess I was thinking along the lines of the way Zebralight does theirs. They use a different leds on their current models xhp35 on the mk iiis it seems.
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    Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50 V3 field use review.

    Nice review as always Woods Walker. I have been watching this light since it was first announced. I always go for neutral whites in headlamps and the warm version looks nice with an excellent beam profile for all around use. I would like to see armytek put out a version without the honeycomb...
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    Compact headlamp + 18650 power pack

    I Have several headlamps, three Zebralights, two Gloworm X2 lights, Two Lupines, and a few cheaper ones. I've used both the Gloworm and Lupine in the Winter here, but only down to about -10F so I have no idea how they would do in -40! That is a very harsh environment for most anything. The...
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    What is the best headlamp for running?

    Simply rerouting the zebralight headband makes it very stable. It has been discussed on the forums before. The idea is to transfer the weight of the light to the band and take it off of the flimsy silicone holder. It works great for my 52fw, H600w, and H603w. No more bouncy bounce and more...
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    What is the best headlamp for running?

    Roger-Roger just for your info Action-Led still does the upgrade to neutral white emitters for $20 so I went ahead and paid for my two gloworm x2 lights to be changed over. Jim at Actionled has been helpful and I'm boxing up the lights now to send in. My main use for these lights will be...
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    What headlamp would you recommend for me?

    As far as youtube videos I don't think you will find much as the MKIII lights are are new. You should check out some of the MKII videos though to get an idea of the beams. Here's one to start you. Stefano here at cpforums does the best comparisons that I have seen...
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    What headlamp would you recommend for me?

    Mountainman, yes your link to the H600w mkIII was correct. This one will give you the most throw of the zebralight headlamps and still enough spill to be a very useable headlamp. The H600f or floody zebralights just have a frosted front lens on them so it smooths out the hotspot and beam over...
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    What headlamp would you recommend for me?

    How long are you out there each hike and how much are you willing to spend? Since you are getting by with 2x18650 batteries now for your lights, I would recommend a Zebralight H600w mkIII with 1x 3500mah 18650 battery in the chamber and another spare. So much lighter weight and likely equal...
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    What is the best headlamp for running?

    Roger-roger, it sound like you have the same style mount that is on my gloworm x2. Maybe on yours they got carried away with neoprene backing and needs to be cut down or slots cut into it. Yes actionled is where they perform the neutral white upgrade, but I haven't looked into it for a while...
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    Review:Olight H05 Active:headlamp, 2xAAA, white+red; 150 lumens (beam)shots, compare

    Re: Review: Olight H05 Active: headlamp, 2xAA, white + red; 600 lumens (beam)shots, c Wow I thought I was losing it looking for the 600 lumen 2aa light in the post. Good to know I'm not the only one that noticed it. Anyway it was a really good review with good pics.
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    What is the best headlamp for running?

    I plan to send my gloworm x2 lights in for neutral whites upgrade that cost $25 each last time I looked. I use them for cyling too and the battery packs are in my camelback. For freezing temps the pack can go inside a coat to keep it warner as the cold really saps runtimes. The way I run my...