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  1. Al_D

    [Pics-DIY]Anyone loves making your light old?

    I started to read it until I got to "nutnfancy"...
  2. Al_D

    Why so much concern over "waterproof?"

    Poorly, at that.
  3. Al_D

    Why so much concern over "waterproof?"

    Well it's seems that "Murphy" shall be giving you a visit. It seems from your OP you're either completely knowledgeable of all future events or you lock yourself in a padded room.
  4. Al_D

    [Pics-DIY]Anyone loves making your light old?

    An aggressive ride in a vibrator tumbler (twss) with the right media does wonders to age anodized aluminium.
  5. Al_D

    Any UV radiation?

    It's not a whole lot getting through but it's a lot more than most especially if you're not able to get dental/medical UV sources.
  6. Al_D

    Any UV radiation?

    Not really. You'll get slightly better results from a blacklight (which isn't really UV right, but near UV) but, in my opinion isn't worth the effort). You're better off buying an actual UV lamp. UV lamps and tubes are used in many applications, for consumers they're mainly used for water or...
  7. Al_D

    You Just Know Your A Flashaholic When......

    EDCing while still in bed tends to excite a few photons around here.
  8. Al_D

    Flood or Throw - what's more important to you?

    Throw: You can easily turn a thrower into indirect lighting. Obviously, my needs developed over personal and professional use has steered me to that bias.
  9. Al_D

    Boker Plus Flashlights?

    I've found Boker had great customer service regardless which line (Boker/Boker Plus) was concerned. Quality Control for knives made in OEM facilities in China (rumoured to be the same that supplied Spyderco) was good but not perfect. Sending back a knife with a small gap was no problem. Again...
  10. Al_D

    1.8"/46mm Bezel-Down Carry Options?

    I've not been impressed with RipOffs quality or design. With soft pouches I've got no problem making it myself or repurposing kit from my past rigs. I should have specified a duty rig, rigid holster (as I alluded to when I mentioned the Blackhawk Night Ops and Surefire V85 holsters). The head is...
  11. Al_D

    Boker Plus Flashlights?

    Boker products are made in Germany (great company and great products, IMO). Boker Plus products are made by manufacturers in China/Taiwan, thus are the company's more affordable line. Quality control is good but not to the German produced standard of their main lines. However, a lot of good...
  12. Al_D

    1.8"/46mm Bezel-Down Carry Options?

    After looking around for quite some time online and in-store I haven't been able to find a satisfactory large bezel-down holster. I've even checked the small selection of custom leather and kydex builders to no avail. The largest I've seen so far was a 5.11 ATACs large holster that fits the...
  13. Al_D

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    A pile of XENO E03s in different colors and emitters. Hopefully they'll get here in time for the stuffing of the stockings. ;)
  14. Al_D

    Alternative Xeno Tailcap Switches

    UPDATE: I was finally able to get a hold of the XENO TM05 Twisty/Forward switch. Observations: - Cycle through modes (in momentary), hold and twist tight for constant-on (in the mode you selected). - Makes cycling through modes easier/faster. Makes 3-fast-press to access hidden modes (Steady...
  15. Al_D

    Cold Winter - Do you swap Eneloops for lithium primaries for your EDC?

    Quite frankly it's never been much of a concern (even though I now live at a higher latitude). It'll work and I'm not concerned if I lose a little efficiency out of the cell(s). Even back in the day on Cold Weather Exercises or Fire Patrol in arctic weather we'd always have spares in sealed...
  16. Al_D

    Flashlight you've given away

    Being the 'Boy-Scout-Ex-Mil-Prepared-For-Any-Eventuality' sort of guy (I suspect many of us are) many friends and colleagues sometimes look upon my EDC a little ****-eyed. That is, until what I carry becomes handy. A holiday stocking stuffer favourite is the microlights and penlights. It seems...
  17. Al_D

    Sure Fire 3P, can I make it more powerful?

    Re: pics of Sure Fire 3P I would like to sell. I need help establishing a fair price. +1 (I'm the sentimental gear type) There's no (to little) loss if you go this option. There are many good P60 drop ins to choose from, and if you so choose to sell it after, it's a more attractive sell with...
  18. Al_D

    A tale of two flashlights...

    I'm sure it wasn't meant to drive the led at 14500 voltages but why the difference in behavior between the two. Curiosity killed the cat(hode :P). At this point I'm pretty certain it has something to do with the fact the Black example had water damage. Certainly, a component gave way. Bright...
  19. Al_D

    A tale of two flashlights...

    ... and 14500s. Two identical flashlights (One black, One grey, 1xAA, ~20lm, unregulated, clicky) sat in a box. Both were EDC'ed many years ago and retired. Having read a few posts and discussed 14500s in use in other lights recently I got curious. So I put in a 14500 in each and, hey presto...
  20. Al_D

    The Elzetta two-mode switch

    Hmmm, reduced run-time for practically no increase in (light) output. I didn't see that coming (then again I'm not very familiar with the M60/F). From what I've gathered from reading up on Elzettas and user experiences it doesn't seem like a 18mm tube will ever be made. fyrstormer, thank you...