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  1. carrot

    ok im a tad confused

    Not too shabby, reviving a thread that's 15 years old just to crap on an old battery format.
  2. carrot

    is zebralight sc5w ii the best aa light?

    This was my biggest qualm with the second generation Zebralights, but in the third (and fourth) generation they updated the firmware to let you set which output a single click starts on. I have mine so that medium mode comes on with a single click, high with a double-click, and low with a...
  3. carrot

    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    I’ve personally been moving away from CR123A lights but I still often use four lights that run on them. That’s the HDS Rotary, McGizmo Haiku, and Malkoff Bodyguard. And the Spy. I don’t mind the care and feeding of them though I’ve largely moved to 14500s and 18350 EDCs. In the 16340 size, the...
  4. carrot

    Andúril user's manual

    Unlike the D4v2, the KR4 comes equipped with a 5.0A linear driver and is regulated up to the 120th level. to further muddy the waters, the D4v2 can come equipped with the same linear driver (it is white, and has chips on the spring side) and would run the same blip-free software as the KR4.
  5. carrot

    [Review] My review of the LUMINTOP FW3X, must see before buying

    Are you always this helpful?
  6. carrot

    New guy. Into customs?

    My favorite maker is in your budget and also in Michigan. Check out Sigma Customs :)
  7. carrot

    Olight Baton 3 Runtimes

    Mine came in this morning and I played around with it during some Zoom calls. It's exactly as you expect, so nice, but shamefully cool white. I might try to yank the emitter and at least put in a 7A XML2 in there. Lower lumen efficiency, but I'll probably use it a lot more. I don't hate a...
  8. carrot

    Olight Baton 3 Runtimes

    Mr. Zeroair has put up runtime graphs, which should eliminate some mystery. There's no test for the 12 lumens mode, but it does look like over 300 lumens for nearly 90 minutes and 66 lumens for nearly 460 minutes, which is about 7.5 hrs I guess those runtime numbers are dead right then.
  9. carrot

    Olight Baton 3 Runtimes

    Maybe they’re supplying better batteries now. Vapcell has 850mAh batteries...
  10. carrot

    Fireflies E12R

    10H from off to exit simple. Once you're out of simple, ramp to the top, then double click for full turbo.
  11. carrot

    New Surefire E2D Defender 1000 lumens - single and dual outputs

    Desert snake, thanks for those measurements. Were you also able to check the lux on 2x123? I’m wondering just how much output you lose with the fully charged lithium ion 16650 vs the disposables.
  12. carrot

    why dont anduril firmware lights set temoarure at the factory? i

    Anduril2 adds this. It’ll be called simple mode.
  13. carrot

    18650 EDC recommendations?

    Agreed. I think the FW3A is wonderful and everyone who worked on it and contributed to the design should be very proud. It is very floody but only in the sense that it has one massive hotspot, still with decent reach. The entire body design is nice too, quite addictive in hand.
  14. carrot

    18650 EDC recommendations?

    Give Acebeam TK18 a shot. The button is nice and stiff, but easy to click intentionally. It’s a nice, slim light. Great build quality. A little shorter, with more advanced an interface, the FW3A.
  15. carrot

    AAA Side Switch light?

    Great! Come back and let us know. I’m a big fan. I carry the larger 123-size (again, with a Li-po pack instead of cylindrical cell) A23 and A25 often. I have the little ones stashed in my bag. The UI is unusual but easy to get used to and quite good.
  16. carrot

    AAA Side Switch light?

    I think that you might like one of the Rovyvon "keychain" lights. They are AAA-sized but not AAA-powered. There is a USB micro port on the side. Depending on your tastes and budget, the Rovyvon Aurora A1x, A2x, A3, A3 Pro, A5x, or A8x might appeal. They're all the same platform and size with...
  17. carrot

    Priceless Flashlight

    My sincerest condolences ModernFlame. Every time you use it you will remember your old man. May it bring back the fondest memories. The flashlight is just the tangible part. The irreplaceable part are the memories themselves.
  18. carrot

    Recommend me a rechargeable flashlight

    I highly recommend these. I have owned the smaller ones for awhile and took the leap more recently on the larger A23, A25, A28. They are phenomenal. Probably the best "lesser known" flashlights on the market today. They tick all the boxes. Rechargeable, good UI (although different from...
  19. carrot

    Is an alternative to the Olight Warrior Mini recommended?

    1) Since the Warrior Mini looks to use the same switching mechanism as the M2R Pro and Warrior X Pro , and *isn't* any wider than the S2Rii or Baton Pro, it's safe to assume the Warrior Mini requires a proprietary battery. 2) Short answer: There aren't any. Long answer: if you are willing to...
  20. carrot

    Surefire tactician

    Nothing looked especially botched on either side to me. I sent an email to Surefire but they sassed me when I asked for a new clip the first go-round.