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    TK40 or wait?

    I say go for it!!! I got mine and even if it's bigger then then other or this or that, I think it's a great light for the fact it used batteries you can find just about anywhere in the world. It is also a tough light and great thrower.
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    How Can I Test for Parasitic Drain?

    Keeping your light clean will avoid parasites. Rubbing alchool works well and helps keep the contacts clean also. Sorry I couldn't resist. Sounds like it's a simple enough way of doing this test. Thank you.
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    *NEW* Fenix TA20 & TA21!!

    The TA20 seems to be a direct attack at the Olight M20 only it doesnt use the 18650's for those of you using those batts. The TA21 I agree with many of you on this it has a lot of modes and I truely question how many people will actually use all modes other then when they get the light the...
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    My Extreme Fenix TK40 Torture Test.

    Hey well I just got mine in today and I must say it's nice. Thanks for that test I agree with many on CPF that said it had a thin metal feel about it but guess this not the case. Can't wait to try it out tonight and see what gives. So far no regrets it's smaller then I imagined it to be even...
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    Small bright flashlight for aircraft mechanic

    I have to agree with Flashcrazy. Headlamps are the way to go for work of this nature. As Exhibit Maintenance Tech in an Aviation Museum I often need to work in all sorts of weird spots. I have a Black Diamond dual source head lamp(3W center LED and 4 side mount LED) I use for both work and...
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    Toughest survival flashlight

    Ever think of a decent survival knife like a Ka-Bar of Falkniven that has a stryker plate for hammering then you could get something like Fenix PD30 or LD20. Yes they do put out +/- 200 lumens but can also be dialed down to 9 for super long runtime and you can as a red filter that could be...
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    Torture Test - How would you impress?

    Waterproof: Well IPX-8 seems to be a good standard. I would love to see something I can maybe take to the bottom of 13 foot pool in a diving class pool or something but otherwise more hasle and cost for no reason. Drop: I like think the tipical drop is 6 to 10 feet which should be about the...
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    Anything better (in terms of throw/output) than my TK40

    MaxaBeam, I had a buddy come up with with something like that. It was a Motorcycle headlight with a deepcycle battery and High beam low beam switch. Lit up the worl like it was daylight. Looks like it was just as portable and at a fraction of the cost. Still a cool light none the less.
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    600+ Thrower, which one to get???

    Ok so I have read many things about the TK40, M30 and many others. Now here is what I am looking for. $150 300-400 foot throw light weight 280g(without batts) or less compact size 200mm or less in lenght I would be using it for 4 season camping (+25C to -25C), night time water sports...
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    Fenix Problem

    I assume it's the same but in my PD20 manual it clearly states that Turbo mode should be used sparingly and only for 15 mintues at a time. Maybe this is why.
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    TK10 / TK11 Question

    What about Tenergy 900mAh CR123's do they fit ok?
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    TK10 / TK11 Question

    Ok well I guess I will be getting some rechageble CR123's for my TK 10 then.
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    TK10 / TK11 Question

    Guy I am newish to this forum and to the whole High End lights therefore this question may have already been asked and answered but I couldn't find it in the search. Why can the TK10 not run on 18650 while the TK11 can run on eigther the CR123 or the 18650? Is there a difference in the...
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    MagLite LED upgrades

    Thankx alot guys. I will continue my research and see where it leads me. I know all about dropping a buck or two on toys. I do have a nice collection of Benchmade knives as well as custom stuff to so great more dollars spent on toys, oh well.
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    MagLite LED upgrades

    Hello Guys and gals (if there are any). I am new to this forum, but have been a long time Member of the BKC Forum and the Blades Forums. I was wondering if you all could give me some recomendations for MagLite LED bulb upgrades. Here are the three models I would like to upgrade. and my...