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    Are CFLs The New "Normal" Light Bulb?

    My wife and I invited some neighbors over for lunch today. The female of the couple asked why my wife and I don't have any "normal" light bulbs in our house. This question made me pause and I actually had to think for a bit to figure out what she meant. She, of course, meant incandescent bulbs...
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    If I was in charge of automotive lighting

    I like my halogen high-beams. They don't mind being turned on and off frequently and at short intervals, and don't limit lumen output the way merely uncovering a section of the low(hid) beam would. I also don't at all like the idea of only having one headlight. In addition to Flummo's comments...
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    Headlight burned out last night, what to do?

    Do a search for headlights, there's been lots of discussion on this subject. :buddies:
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    Automotive replacement LED bulbs

    Here is another option for LED brake lights. There are customer testimonies with pictures listed as well. LEDtronics base site. LED bulbs for EVERYTHING. :buddies:
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    Automotive replacement LED bulbs

    Benighted- Thanks for the Autolumination site, may be ordering some of their stuff myself. :) :buddies:
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    LED fish tank light project

    Just sand the epoxy coating the emitter. :buddies:
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    9006 Led foglight bulbs

    I can't see how a 1w LED is going to have enough lumens, not by a factor of 10. Were you going to use them as marker lights or something? :buddies:
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    Osram Silverstar +50% bulbs

    It should be known that in the European market Osram/Sylvania's Silverstar line is completely different than the US market Silverstar line. In Europe, Silverstars are respected bulbs, on par with Hella, Cibie, Narva, or Phillips, and have no coating. In the US Silverstars are of debateable...
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    What type of car lights do I need for this?

    Part of that Daniel Stern site covers proper aiming of E-codes. I've found that no matter how hard I try, I never get it right the first time. I usually get it close, then carry a screwdriver and adjust the aim while I'm out and about; based on where I see the beam pattern in relation to other...
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    What type of car lights do I need for this?

    Cobb- If no one has flashed their high-beams at you you're likely just fine with the higher beam level. As you drive through rain or fog or just in traffic, keep an eye on where the hot spot is. Obviously, if it's lower than other driver's eyes, you're ok. Also remember that lots of stuff in...
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    Any experience with headlight harness upgrades?

    I've not only given serious thought to such an upgrade, but have done so on several vehicles(Good money to be made on the side doing these, and customers are so happy that they don't have to buy $80 bulbs that burn out every month). The difference is incredible, go for it. Even if your car and...
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    Wife can't stand fluorescent bulbs' "daylight" color, coiled shape

    I'm so much more thankful for my wife after reading these posts. Of course, I had my house switched over to CFL's before she moved in........... :buddies:
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    headlights? for a car?

    Amen, Flummo! E-codes are indeed the best. I buy sealed beam conversions at Mr. Stern charges a bit more than other retailers, but both before and after a purchase you get access to his incredible amount of automotive lighting knowledge. I happily pay more...
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    headlights? for a car?

    On the second Overboost page (try this one more time) see the fence on the left side of the picture? Notice how much farther up the fence the light from the hid kit goes, compared to the light from the stock bulbs. Right into the eyes of the person driving the other car that's mentioned.
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    headlights? for a car?

    Please, please, please do all the appropriate research. Remember that you yourself are another driver and do your best not to blind others. A 35w hid capsule produces nearly three times the lumens of a standard 55w halogen bulb. Simply placing one into a housing meant for an incandescent would...
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    Where can I find the best HID conversion?

    High quality and low price? No such thing, friend. Sylvania makes Xenarc hid sealed-beam retrofits, and several other companies make specific make and model retrofits. Hella makes headlight modules which you can fab your own mounting system for. Several companies make kits which allow you to...
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    recommendation powerful fog lights for car?

    +1 on the Hella Micro DE's. Good auto lighting is like good flashlights. You'll never be able to go back to being blind again. :buddies:
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    Need help designing a (PAR 64) light bar for my jeep

    If you're going to run wire sizes like that you're going to get so much voltage drop that you might as well go with normal KC lights. I run 8awg wire to 100w headlights @ 12v. 8awg will be fine for 1000w @ 120v, but not @ 28v. Here is a voltage drop chart. 1000w @ 28v is ~35 amps. Remember you...
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    Need help designing a (PAR 64) light bar for my jeep

    Hmm, interesting. If it was my Jeep, I think I'd go with a second high-output alternator and battery(or two), in addition to your stock electrical system, and the inverter/120vac bulbs route. Make sure the 250 amp alternator is 250 amps continuous or hot rated. If it bolts into your stock...
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    Need help designing a (PAR 64) light bar for my jeep

    Well, all things are possible. Anything(and I do mean anything!) can be made to work. It's the whole practical part that's gonna get ya. I haven't looked it up, but at best you have a 150 amp alternator. Most likely you have something closer to 130 or even 90 amps. 150 amps X 14 volts = 2100...