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    Anyone know EL Capitan runtimes for power level #4?

    I like the thought that Peak is again offering simple single level lights. I have had many Peaks and really like them, however, I was disappointed with the QTC Logan that I had. It was very inconsistent and flaky. My favorite power levels are #4 for AAA and either #4 or #6 for for...
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    Logan 17500 QTC in SS with battery adapters

    Glad you like yours. I love my SS pocket 17500. I think the 17500 is a fantastic size. It fits great in the hand and a PEAK pocket version is as small as an AA light (and smaller than many other AA lights) but with 50% more capacity. Its nice knowing this little light has the extra capacity...
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    Eiger QTC Efficiency---Runtime Tests (Updated)

    Re: Eiger QTC Efficiency---Runtime Tests Interesting. I like tests like this. Thanks for the info.
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    Which tint(s) does RMSK sell?

    I believe Jabe1 is correct. Peak used to offer the two tints when they used the Rebel LED. I have one with a cool Rebel and it is the most neutral tint I own and even seems warm compared to all my other cool lights. The Rebel LEDs where very nice options when available. They where also...
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    New Products at Peak

    Well, I was actually thinking about a #4 power level Logan 17500 SS. The #4 power level should be a decent amount of light on the higher voltage 17500 cell. This is kinda an "all purpose" level with good brightness and runtime. With QTC - Sometimes adjusting output is not so convinient when...
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    Just ordered SS Logan QTC 17500 pocket body!

    The adapter kits should allow AA and CR123 cells to fit. But it is no problem putting a couple of tape wraps around a thinner cell such as the AA. I sometimes put one wrap around all my single cell lights to prevent any rattles and seems to work well. I really like this 17500 cell...
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    Post your Peak Beamshots

    Great suggestions Derek Dean. I think it would benefit Peak greatly to have someone do the beam shots. Heck, I think the one YouTube video of the Logan QTC sold some lights. It convinced me after watching.
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    Peak Logan 17500 versus El Capitan? Beam shots, brightness, runtime?

    Sorry, no beam shots. The Logan and ElCaptain narrow optics are different optics due to the slightly larger head of the Logan. Both beams are practically identical though. The are very close to the beam of a typical orange peel reflector light of the same size. It has good spill and no...
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    Logan QTC Runtime test... DONE!

    You know scout24, they make a 17500 primary cell. I have seen them for around 8 or so dollars. Not cheap but would allow insane low output runtime. Just thought you would like to know.
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    Just ordered SS Logan QTC 17500 pocket body!

    I like this light a lot. I was worried it would be too heavy but not so bad - with summer shorts. It feels great in hand with nice protortions. I would not EDC this light but I like aaa lights for that. It is definitely small enough foe some to EDC. It is actually smaller than my Nitecore...
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    Logan QTC Runtime test... DONE!

    Re: Logan QTC Runtime test Your will power to get a new light and wait so long before getting to use it is strong. Thanks for the test. I received my 17500 Logan yesterday and really like it a lot. The really low modes (...output) is great and fun to use knowing it barely uses any battery...
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    Just ordered SS Logan QTC 17500 pocket body!

    Just ordered one of these bad boys. Besides the gorgeous SS, I am looking forward to having a 17500 powered light. It should fit nicely in hand. The added runtime over either the rcr123 and 14500 cells should be nice. And the variable output will make it very versatile. I plan to take it...
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    Possible to replace Eiger medium optic with narrow?

    I have a medium optic eiger rebel and would like to know if it's possible to replace the medium optic with a narrow one. I believe the heads are the same size for both these optics. Any idea on what the price would be to order the optic and ring from Peak would be if this is possible. Thanks.
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    Logan QTC

    Well my mind is made up for a Logan 17500 SS pocket. I was thinking it may be a bit heavy for EDC but I have smaller lights for that. It just looks fantastic in SS and I like the heft when using a small light. The 17500 should fit nice in the hand with the slightely longer length and wider...
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    Any volunteers for a Eiger QTC runtime test on low?

    What Bob mentioned about the pressure created by the threads to determine brightness makes a lot of sense. This method will uncountable show signs of drift when the light is moved or shaken. It's just inherent to the design and the way it works. Not a huge deal but definitely more...
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    Logan QTC

    Ah man. Tried to order a ss Logan QTC 17500 pocket and they are sold out. Bummer!
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    Any volunteers for a Eiger QTC runtime test on low?

    This should be interesting. Thank you in advance for your efforts guys. Approximately what level is the Logan set to.
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    Any volunteers for a Eiger QTC runtime test on low?

    I would like to know how efficient the QTC lights are as well. This should be interesting. But I would also like to see a comparison on a medium mode as well to get an idea of efficiency.
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    ***beamshots*** Eiger level #6 runtime

    Re: Eiger level #6 runtime Thanks for the review. Is that a narrow optic? How do you like the beam?
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    Which Eiger: Runtime vs. Output?

    I think the level 4 is a nice balance in runtime and output. It should get you near the middle of your output requirement. I would not go any lower than a #3. Whats nice is a #4 runs cool on even a lithium ion cell and about doubles the output. I very versitile level.