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  1. brachypelma44

    21700 or 18650 - just starting out

    Unless you have a specific need for a light to be really small and lightweight, I'd start with 21700 lights (or even higher if you like the idea.) I actually think the ergonomics are even better with 26650/26800, as those lights are often around the same thickness as the old D-cell maglites...
  2. brachypelma44

    Pick me a charger.

    I got mine for $40 apiece here, and it took less than a week from order to arrival. Power bricks for both. It can be hard to tell exactly which version of something you're getting on AE, and I doubt the returns system is very fast.
  3. brachypelma44

    Pick me a charger.

    Vapcell S4 Plus is my favorite. I bought a couple of them. Charges at up to 3A per bay, displays plenty of info for whichever bay you're viewing, auto/manual control, and there's a notification beep when the batteries are done charging (I like this, some people don't.) There are also capacity...
  4. brachypelma44

    Best 18650 these days?

    I'm honestly not sure if they still make protected 18650s. The reason for a battery to have protection built in is just in case a flashlight doesn't have LVP, but they pretty much all do now. Anyhow, for most 18650 lights, the Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh 10A is the best overall IMO. If you have a...
  5. brachypelma44

    Why 21700 instead of 26650

    More, actually. The Vapcell K62 is 6200 mAh. The highest 21700 cell I've seen is 5000mAh.
  6. brachypelma44

    What charger do you use for 18650, 21700, plus other batteries?

    I've been happy enough with my Fenix ARE-A4 that I recently bought a second one. I use them for 14500, 18650, and 21700.