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  1. PhantomZ

    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Re: Knife & Light pics.
  2. PhantomZ

    teflon tape, does it make it waterproof?

    you posted this in the wrong section, btw.
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    Favorite "responsibly priced" lights :)

    does a drop in count? if so i think i would go for the terralux in my mini mag 2AAA. cute little sized light, light weight, can focus from spot to flood and if you ever scuff up the body or the battery leaked bad enough you can take out the drop in and put it in another maglite.
  4. PhantomZ

    cave exploring. need light advice.

    for rough conditions, you might want to get a plastic body instead of metal. plastic will take bumps and drops better plus it'll feel less cold holding it then metal. you can also get helmet mounts as well since i'm assuming you'll be wearing one. Streamlight, Pelican or UK light would be a...
  5. PhantomZ

    Stanley Tripod Flashlight?

    home depot has them. when the legs are closed, they are held in place by magnets
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    ASP Tactical Triad Flashlight with Baton Connector

    any way of having a 3w led on it instead of an incan? if its possible, i would get one.
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    What lights for a week-long canoe trip?

    how about having a green laser for signaling and of course just for fun. with green, you'll be able to see the beam and show a direct line (possibly for walking or night trips on the canoe) towards you and the other party across the lake. i guess red would work but not as well as green though...
  8. PhantomZ

    What lights do they use in CSI?

    so far the most i've seen were SF M4 and scorpions. i think there was an old style 6P cause he kept his thumb on the switch when it was on. not sure about those hand held UV lights. oh and maglites/maglite types show up once in awhile~
  9. PhantomZ

    new here, what should i get?

    similar to where Gatsby is getting at. maybe you can tell us what requirements you would like your light to have/be, examples, runtime (battery life), what type of batteries you want to use (AA,AAA, cr123, rechargeables or not), brightness, size of the light (mini mag/2or3D size), incan or LED...
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    Surefire Lights - The Future?

    hey blah? what light is that???
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    Duracell and superman flashlight?

    i dont know anything about special superman batteries but i know at my local home depot they sell superman flashlights and lanterns, but i'm in canada so i dont know if your home depot would have them. they go for $9.99cnd here.
  12. PhantomZ

    Lights and headaches... does it happen to you? Why?

    i didnt get a headache but felt alittle nauseated. i think it was the L2 that i was using since that was my first LED light. after some time, i got use to the colour of LEDs and i'm leaning to be more of an LED guy then incans~ i tend to sneeze as well when i look into the sun for a split second~
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    Off to Los Alamos and In Need of a Flashlight

    if you're able to get a hold of an ARC4's clip for your HDS then i'll guarantee you'll love the light more!
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    New light for Tool Logic knife / light combo

    i'm guessing you got the SL1 which comes with the light? not sure if you can replace it with anything. i bought that first by mistake cause i couldnt use my light so i exchanged it for the SL2 which is the one with the storage. that one was made so the minimag solitaire would fit in there...
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    Good first light for a girlfriend?

    Originally Posted by powernoodle Edited: this flashlight better not be her primary gift; chicks need stuff that shows what a swell guy you are - dinner, flowers, something you've made that she can show her friends, blah blah. how about, make a little jewlery box and buy the raw with the...
  16. PhantomZ

    Who is the best EDC light and why?

    i started with a 6P, jumped around with several other lights. now, my mind is set that my EDC must be an LED. my EDC, a Lionheart, is set so i control the brightness levels when needed. ie, from off, press and release for high (when i need the brightess right away), or from off again, press and...
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    Need some A2 Aviator pictures -- want a desktop background

    Re: Need some A2 Aviator porn -- want a desktop background you guys are sick, very sick... those lights better be over 18yrs old.
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    Candy Flashlight

    does it look like this? i got this pic from someone's post here on CPF sometime ago. sorry i dont remember who to give the credit to. at my local 7-11 i've seen these candies shaped like a wand with a light that will light up the candy. but no...
  19. PhantomZ

    Mac 6C's still available, maybe

    do you know if this place will send to Canada? i cant find anywhere that says they will ship outside the US. if they dont can some buy a couple extras for me and i'll pay you back??
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    A Candlepower Paradox

    i agree with iamerror about the L2 lighting up closer object and blinding yourself. another reason could be because the L2 uses a Lux5 which tends to be more of a flood light rather then for throw, but if you have a larger and deeper refector like the U2 or on a maglite you can get more throw...