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    How do you get a stuck battery out of a mini-mag?

    Re: mini maglite 2AA led problem I have had a half dozen AA MAG's and have never had a leak in any of them. Some have been left unused for over a year with batts in them and never found them to leak.
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    RCR123 vs 18650

    Looks like it's back to square one. Guess I will use primaries for winter and maybe get a set of 18650 or RCR123 depending on manufacturers recomendations.
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    RCR123 vs 18650

    How substantial is the performance difference between these two battery types? Lets use for exemple the TK11 or the Olight M20 both can be operated on eigther 2 x RCR123 or on one 18650. Will the 18650 out last, out shine or both the 2 xRCR123's. Also how do these batteries keep their charge...