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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    They even come in the neat little gift box when you order direct from the Maglite website :twothumbs
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Lots of Mag Solitaire LED lights as christmas stocking stuffers
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Fenix LD05 2.0 warm white LED with UV
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    Whos making flashlights domestically?

    Great thread. I was disappointed to see that much (if not all) of Streamlight's manufacturing has moved outside the USA. I've been looking for a rechargeable light to use as a communal family light for around the house. I'll be getting one of the new rechargeable Maglites instead I was...
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    Were you always a flashaholic?

    My Dad is to blame for my madness. He gave me a Mini-Mag when I was about 11 years old. At the time I thought it was the best light in the world. :laughing:
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    Flashlight vs. Dog?

    Just use one of these... I took the picture from a post here on CPF, I don't know who's it is.
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    Look what showed up today :-)

    Use an image host, such as Photobucket, and upload it onto there. Then copy and paste a link they provide that has tags. Cool looking light! :cool:
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    Flashlights with a dimmer option

    Yes, there are a few, but they don't have the dimming option.
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    $18,000 18k gold flashlight

    Re: $18,000 24k gold flashlight Goncz? Trust me, nobody. :laughing:
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    Lights that you trust with your life.

    I would say my LuxIII 3D Mag. It is a simple and reliable mod.
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    Info about a flashlight (incandescent or L.E.D.) for a firefighter EMS gallet

    I highly suggest the metal clamp offered by for the Streamlight 4 AA Propolymer flashlights. I gave my uncle one of those plastic clamps for his helmet and it broke after a couple of months of use :sick2: So you could go for any of the 4 AA Streamlights. They have a Xenon...
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    I cant get the head off my QIII.

    I reccomend that. The resulting QIII looks pretty cool! Note: I also have a 20mm relfector installed and I shaved down the bezel. Are you opening your QIII to swap reflectors or change the LED?
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    My Flying Experience with Flashlights

    "He must have seen the tooth fairy!" WTF does that mean? You really should've shined the M6 in his face!
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    What Was Your First "Favorite" Flashlight?

    Re: What Was Your First \"Favorite\" Flashlight? That would have to be my very first flashlight, a 2AA Minimag that my Dad gave me about 5 or 6 years ago. I still have it. He started all of this CPF madness in me!
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    FlashLight Museum on TV

    I just want to know why isn't he a member of CPF?! That very first flashlight they show, the one that is shined into the camera, looked like some sort of Tri-Lux with Optics. It looks to me like the Tri-Lux drop in from InReTech! I think it is. Edited for spelling
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    Lens size for the Brinkman Maxfire LX?

    Mine easily came out with a light push.
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    Lens size for the Brinkman Maxfire LX?

    I read that the lens for the Surefire G2 fits the Maxfire so that is the 28.8mm lens.
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    What's up with Maglite

    Re: What\'s up with Maglite
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    What's the whitest LED AA or AAA hiking light?

    Re: What\'s the whitest LED AA or AAA hiking light? I vote for either the Elektrolumens XM-3 (2AA) or the Streamlight Prop0lymer Luxeon (4AA).
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    what lights are in the pics? (military)

    The first pic is a minimag...I hope it's modified. I'm guessing the 3rd one is a minimag in candle mode.