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  1. mcbrat

    Wanted: Mac lights

  2. mcbrat

    Copper Triple pills for custom lights like Mac, Deadwood, Okluma, Laulima, Hanko (older), etc....

    yes, they do fir in both DC1 and DC2. they are a bit harder to install into the DC2 heads since the stock DC2 pills have the long skirt that allows use of most install tools. you need to have a longer reach tool for the DC2. yes, I have plenty in stock. I also recommend test fitting the pill...
  3. mcbrat

    For Sale SureFire Hellfighter

    I'll try and remember to check later on reflectors I have laying around.. Im interested in that mac if your selling. :)
  4. mcbrat

    Light for Sale: Laulima Malihini Ti

    that Tain is one of the Borealis lights. Should be a AA only (14500 will cook it) and positive to the tail... Beautiful machining!
  5. mcbrat

    Brat Guy Titanium Clips

    No, wouldn't be a deep carry. Deep carry usually need to be ss to handle the 180 bends needed for like a mini pineapple. I don't have any Reylight AA at the moment. Con someone measure the OD of the tail threaded area?
  6. mcbrat

    Brat Guy Titanium Clips

    They do fit the dawn. The mini pineapple aaa clip from Rey works well. I might have something for the AA. I'll have to check.
  7. mcbrat

    Brat Guy Titanium Clips

    Yes, that's the 3 bar. It's a shorter style clip that works with the cwf Arcadian and v10r modified for a clip, and other that might use a shorter clip. They are just open slots, not meant for trits. I would never put trits in a bent clip. Very high risk of loss.
  8. mcbrat

    Brat Guy Titanium Clips

    Old Thread was closed. Now fully restocked! Fits 1" lights with similar hole spacing as McGizmo, Mac, Okluma, older Sigma, BOSS, Hanko Trident, newer Sinners, etc.... All clips are stonewashed. can be heat colored if desired. "Alien" 0.048 thick - Available "Alien V2" 0.050 thickness Ti...
  9. mcbrat

    Wtb: Surefire Abel lights

    Let me know what you have.....
  10. mcbrat

    MBI trade offer.

  11. mcbrat

    WTS: Custom Mokuti 18650 triple

    Light was made by Pinkpanda3310. I got it about 1.5 years ago from this thread. Thread 'PURGE' I added some grooves to help with grip on the body, and drilled and tapped for a clip, and added one of my clips that I het colored to match...
  12. mcbrat

    Sold/Expired FS: selling a few lights.

    Here's everything included with LF3XT.