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  1. Grijon

    Oyster bracelet for Citizen diver

    I've got a Citizen Promaster Diver that I'd love to have an oyster style bracelet for. I want solid end links so that it doesn't rattle - this watch is special to me and I really want it to feel, sound and look awesome. Anybody have experience with a good, solid, quality bracelet like that...
  2. Grijon

    Sold/Expired Maglite Sockets

    Hello all, I am interested in sockets that will let me put non-Maglite bulbs into my stock incandescent Maglites, such as Tad's Customs, which is closed right now. Direct drop-in sockets are what I'm after, no soldering or other modifications at this time. I am interested in G4, G2, G6.35...
  3. Grijon

    Maglite Modding in 2020

    Hi guys, After much anticipation I got my Tads Customs G4 bi pin PR adaptor for my Maglites; it came with Philips 7387 and 7388 bulbs, one each. I've been running my Mags with the Maglite Magnum Star II xenon bulbs in the ceramic adaptor they come with; these are the collars that I have...
  4. Grijon

    Blessed by CPF

    I've been a member since October 2014, so it's kind of fitting that I'd be moved to write this post tonight. I just want to thank all the members, administrators and Greta for CPF. It has been an integral part of my life, funny as that may sound, since I joined. I really do remember sitting in...
  5. Grijon

    How many hours on your incans, and for what?

    The lifetime stash of bulbs thread got me wondering: how many hours a day or week do you use incandescent flashlights, and what are you doing with them? Lately I’ve been using incan Maglites about 3 hours a day; two hours of D-cell use in the morning for ceiling-bounced room lighting and...
  6. Grijon

    Elzetta's warranty now 5 years, proof of purchase required

    A quick perusal of Elzetta's website showed no mention of their warranty, which I thought was lifetime. Using their website search function turned up a page stating that there is a limited 5-year warranty with proof of purchase required. When did this happen?
  7. Grijon

    What did you do for runtime before LEDs?

    Actual experience answers only, please! Back in the heyday of the P60 incandescent lamp run times were 60 minutes for 60 lumens. What did you do when you were going on a four hour hike? I'd really like to hear from the folks that were actually flashlight enthusiasts before LEDs became common...
  8. Grijon

    L91 failure rate / fragility

    I very much appreciate a primary alternative to alkalines. I also appreciate lithium primaries' cold weather performance and long shelf life. Unfortunately, I have had a high failure rate with Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 AAs over several years from several packages; this tells me that it...
  9. Grijon

    Would 3AA in parallel sag less than 1D?

    I've got some 3AA to D adaptors on the way and I got curious. Would 3 alkaline AAs in parallel sag less under load than one D cell by itself?
  10. Grijon

    Is Surefire done with incandescents?

    Their website no longer lists the G2 and 6P incandescent models. Does anybody know if they are they done?
  11. Grijon

    Grijon's first li-ions!

    Now that I've started down the CR123A road with Surefires and Malkoff dropins, I wanted to have a rechargable setup for them. After a bit of research on I decided on a pair of Keeppower 16650s and a Nitecore D2 charger from illumn. None of my lights are modified. The batteries fit into my...
  12. Grijon

    Battery Vampires, 2015

    Hello CPF! I do believe that we have a number of folks that like to get the most out of their cells before throwing them away; I think for some it may be a hobby all its own! I don't see any recent threads on the topic so I hope it's alright that here's a new one, and I hope that there are...
  13. Grijon

    Battery vampires for Grijon

    Hello all! I hate to throw partially used batteries away and want to be able to really finish off primary cells before tossing them. I'd like my vampires to be affordable, high-CRI (or at least neutral tint), single-cell and powerful enough to use for non-vampire duty if desired. The three...
  14. Grijon

    6 NiMH AA in a 6D MagLite incan

    Greetings! I couldn't help myself and have an incan 6D MagLite on order. When I receive it I will also have enough 1AA to D-cell adaptors to put 6 NiMH AAs into the light instead of using alkaline Ds. The cells that I'll be using will have been off the charger for quite some time, minimum...
  15. Grijon

    Have you ever worn out your threads?

    Hello everybody! I am curious as to whether anyone on the forum has actually worn out the threads on a light from use. I see that there are threads (no pun intended) on CPF about damaged threads, and in this thread am not asking about defects or accidents (i.e. stripping), but actual use -...
  16. Grijon

    First post (and doesn't count!)

    I thought that it might be a good idea to try posting here first, to lessen the learning curve on the first real one somewhat. So far, so good! This looks like an awesome forum! Very excited to join. Grijonlovecpf