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    Man, they do look like nothing is in stock. Thanks for the link!
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    May be……not looking good!
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    Thought they were. MixGlo had some…also their is a company in the Netherlands that still makes them I believe.
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    Picture added to clarify what I am looking for.
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    Still Looking.... anyone?
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    Been looking for one for a while, keep missing them. Buy outright for the right price or lots too trade. Been some confusion as too what I am looking for…. BetaLight is a Tritium filled rubber ring light…used for map reading, etc.
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    Thanks for everything .... stay safe but have fun!!
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    Cleaning is sometimes good

    Great lights and story...what a relief it must have been.
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    Micro Lantern build

    Neat bit of engineering. I would be in for a few!
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    Long range hunting light... Suggestions?

    I’ll second this. Available in green also. The L18 would be a great choice also.
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    LUMINTOP CL2 4*SST20 NW 630lm Type-C Camping Lantern Group Buy - Interest Check

    Received mine today. Very nice, high quality, easy to use interface :D. My only regret is I did not order a few more .
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    LUMINTOP CL2 4*SST20 NW 630lm Type-C Camping Lantern Group Buy - Interest Check

    Appreciate it...order placed. looking forward to it.
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    Jesse James Knifemaker?

    Was this thing at Blade?
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    *Sold* Frelux FML2

    If anything falls through I’ll call back up.
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    Jesse James Knifemaker?

    Well, the machining is outstanding but the knife just looks odd. Love to see it in person though. Sure it will make an appearance at Blade this weekend.
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    CREE HID replacement LED filament bulbs - anyone tried one? great in a garage or barn.
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    Been using an ENGEL for a few years.... lighter than the Pelican's. Both great coolers though.
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    Wanting an Amber LED flashlight, what Amber LED would be best?

    DarkSucks ( Prometheous) has a nice AAA Amber light.