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    HDS Systems #23

    Thank you !
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    HDS Systems #23

    Hi Guys, Quick question. One of my clicky goes to full momentary at maximum after 4 clicks while my others activate the firefly beacon mode with 4 clicks. Wich one is older and is there a way to change this setup ? Thank you !
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    What was your best deal?

    HDS clicky 140 lumen 4500 High cri for 125$
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    HDS Systems #23

    Have both, use more my clicky than my rotary. Rotary is great, but too simple. I love looking smarter with a complicated flashlight.:popcorn:
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    Acebeam E70 Aluminium/ Stainless Steel/ Copper/ Titanium materials option are ready

    the clip on the steel and titanium version looks much more refined than the aluminium or copper one.
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    SOLD - Surefire P35 Oveready Lego

    Re: Surefire P35 Oveready Lego such a nice p60 host...
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn, please delete

    Re: Hinderer 3” XM-18 slicer you should try on the BST hinderer Facebook page. Your price is ridiculously low. Would buy it if you shipped overseas.
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    V11r First Impressions w 3500k E21a

    I have an hds and a tana triple with nichia 219b 4500k. These two are parts of my favorites. Samsung 4k is nice but lacks something, can't explain what.
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    V11r First Impressions w 3500k E21a

    very nice mod. Except for one or two o my flashlight, tint and beam quality are way more important than anything else...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Delghi Iris, bead blasted, rainbow anodized, mint

    probably comparable to an old classic car. You don't buy it for performance or the clim... much more for the look and quality of the craftmanship.
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    Sold/Expired Surefire and Oveready Legos + Misc

    edit : sorry, misread the drop in specs... very nice light for sale here...
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    Good 18650s that will fit my bored 6p?

    It probably won't help a lot but I have two bored oveready 6p and both have different internal diameter. You should buy a battery and see if it fits...
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    Recommendation For UI

    One of my clicky is configured to always start on the lowest level from off. I may have missed something but every mode (click from off, double click, triple click or press and hold ) are fully customizable...
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    Sold/Expired FS: rare TNC Ti custom Hosts

    Re: rare Morelite Ti custom Hosts - priced to sell Toby is always good to go !
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    [Review] - Acebeam L35 Brightest Tactical Flashlight - 5000lm, 480m, 21700 - by Lock

    I'd like a comparaison beamshot between the two version of L35 and L18. The lattice P70 looks like a good option between raw power and throw.
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: McGizmo Mule & Samsung 5000K LED (Price Drop to $300) SOLD.

    Re: For Sale: McGizmo Mule & Samsung 5000K LED (Price Drop to $300) That's an awesome deal...
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** HDS 140 Lumen GD+ LE/Executive

    Re: WTS HDS LE/Executive the emitter looks like a golden dragon. not the most powerful output but it has a really good throw.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: TRD Full Twist PELE

    Re: One more price Drop: TRD Full Twist PELE Hello, It doesn't cost anything to ask but are you open to shipping to belgium ? Regards, Quentin.
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    Sold/Expired FS: rare TNC Ti custom Hosts

    Re: rare Morelite Ti custom Hosts - priced to sell Light received. Perfect in every way. Cheers mate !
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    Sold/Expired Wtb mcgizmo tnc datiled tana light engine

    Hello, I'm looking for a light engine that goes in haiku or other compatible flashlight. Preferably high cri and programmable. I'm in Belgium so from eu is a lot easier but if you ship from elsewhere I'm ok too of course. Thank you.