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    Been looking for one for a while, keep missing them. Buy outright for the right price or lots too trade. Been some confusion as too what I am looking for…. BetaLight is a Tritium filled rubber ring light…used for map reading, etc.
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    Sold/Expired HDS/HDSRB Bezel/Acebeam/Fenix LEP

    Great group of lights for sale: All are in excellent condition , Prices are TYD in CONUS, Paypal or M.O.will ship elsewhere but shipping and liability are on you. Post “I’ll take it” and you have priority. PM or email questions or offers, etc Trades? Acebeam L19 1) HDS NLT , 123, Rotary...
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    Sold/Expired HDS - HDSRB - 18650

    Regrets....yes, I’ll have a few. Here goes..... Prices are paypal and shipped CONUS. Shipped pay shipping and bear responsibility once I ship it. M.O.’s. Accepted All are in excellent condition 1st I’ll take it posted takes priority. PM or email questions.... 1) Withdrawn -...
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    Streamlight Super Seige - opinions?

    Anyone have one? Opinions?
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    Sold/Expired Prometheus Beta’s / Fenix / Ray / PALights / MJP Extreme III’s

    Prices are pp’d and shipped CONUS M.O’s accepted also PM or Email offers... 1st I’ll take it posted will hold it. Bundling Encouraged ;) Thanks Ahead of Time! :thumbsup: 1) Prometheus Beta QRv2 - $50 (sold) RED 632nm - mint - Complete with box & Acc 2) Prometheus Beta QRv2 - $45 (Sold)...
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    R.I.P. Tony Rice

    Heard guitar virtuoso “ Tony Rice “ passed away on Christmas morning. Sad news indeed. A true legend whose music and guitar style will live on forever.
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    WTB/WTTF 18650 Panda

    Looking for a HDS 18650 Rotary Panda body or complete light. Purchase outright or lots to trade.. Thanks!
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    Phatscooter / UBCO 2x2

    Anyone have or tried either of these? Can't hurt to ask!
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    M1X LEP

    Is this light still avaiable? If so, where?
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    Sold/Expired "SOLD" HDS / Prometheus

    No explanation needed on these.... Prices are pp'd and shipped CONUS - M.O.'s preferred :thumbsup: Shipping elsewhere is extra and responsibility is yours after it ships. PM or email questions BUT..... " I'll take it " posted here works. 1st : Titanium Rotary HDS NLT Flat Tail - Sapphire...
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    Sold/Expired HDS..Sold & Withdrawn

    Couple special HDS items need to go! Prices are pp'd and shipped CONUS. M.O.'s are preferred. [email protected] PM or email questions BUT >>>>> " I'll Take It" posted here gets it. I'm on the East Coast FYI 1st up: Firefly Glow (Green) Reflector ***'ly. Black Bezel. Never to be made...
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    Delete photos in file manager?

    I may be missing it but, I do not see how to delete photos in the file/attachment manager? I searched and found nothing, thought I'd ask. Thanks
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    Sold/Expired Oveready/Delghi/Trit Ready Custom

    For sale is a beautiful mint custom light.. Assembled with a nice combination of parts. Cryos M2 Head ***'ly Delghi Carbon Fiber body Oveready crenelated stainless bezel Standoff Tailcap Soft Press McClicky switch - orange boot UCL Lens EDC+ X60L Xm-L2 Nuetral White ( 18650...
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    Sold/Expired HDS - LiteFlux ( $ Drop )

    Here we go folks.... 1st " I'll take it " posted will work Questions - PM or email Price is Paypaled and shipped CONUS...M.O.'s accepted Shipping elsewhere may be more and responsibility is on you.... etc, etc. If anyone is headed to the CPF Camping trip next weekend I can bring them there...
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    Sold/Expired Pair Of 6's - Surefire M6 / ARC6

    Two Titans of the light world: Both classics in their own right. SUREFIRE M6 with a few upgrades....Excellent condition.....Comes with:Titanium Crenelated Bezel Installed Original bezelBezel removal tool3X17670 Rechargeable holderOriginal Battery CarrierMN20 little useMN21 new in packageMN21...
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    Sold/Expired Spy 007 Sapphire ULTRA

    Spy 007 Sapphire ULTRA - Withdrawn ​Title says it all...Its a 007....SPY...Sapphire....ULTRA ( Loaded) ​Withdrawn Springfield Knurling, Sapphire lens, Stonewashed, Vault battery cap, Vegas Knob and in addition 2 expertly installed green trit vials to cap off one of the best lights out there...
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    XeVision ULTRA 85 .... Beamshots

    Here are the 1st known beam shots of the new ULTRA 85.. ( I hope ) Freezing cold tonight so I did not make it to the powerlines, just set up in the back field. Amazing light and I feel fortunate to have one of the 10 made. No camera, just an iPhone I could do.
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    SUREFIRE site troubles?

    Tried all day too check out with some items...never could get past shipping method. Anyone else have issues? Aggravating to say the least.....
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    New York Custom Knife Show 2018

    New York Custom Knife Show 2019 Folks, I know their are knife addicts out there.....its time. Great show, love to see some of you there!
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    Surefire Stilleto

    Saw somewhere on Instagram that this light was in full production now......anyone have more info?