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    Sold/Expired Wtb mcgizmo tnc datiled tana light engine

    Hello, I'm looking for a light engine that goes in haiku or other compatible flashlight. Preferably high cri and programmable. I'm in Belgium so from eu is a lot easier but if you ship from elsewhere I'm ok too of course. Thank you.
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    Sold/Expired WTB moddoo/Oveready TL65 or/and TL100

    Hi, Looking for TL65 or TL100 moddoolar bodies. Black, natural, diamondback or old knurled, used or mint. PM me if you have something you don't need anymore. Thank you. Regards, Quentin.
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    convoy s2+ with new programmable driver

    Hi, Does someone know where you can find a convoy s2+ with the new convoy programmable driver ? Thank you.
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    Cheers to Tom @ Moddoo

    Thank you Sir. You are an amazing person to deal with. /bow
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    Sold/Expired WTB - torchlab V4 head non wasp

    Hi everyone, I doubt anyone would sell this but if you don't ask you never know. Looking for a torchlab V4 head, not the wasp one, the older one (not the drop-in, the full head). It can be xpg, xpe or nichia, but it should be three modes (LMH or HML) and it can be sold with body(ies) and...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Malkoff m361 n

    Hi, Looking for a malkoff m361n drop in. They are available on the site but shiping cost are higher than the drop in price. Thank you.
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    Cree xp-l without phosphor

    Hello, In a failed attempt to dedome a cree xp-l a pulled off everything leaving the led completely white. Now I have a powerful blue beam and would like to know if cree use UV or blue light to react with the phospor to create the white light. Could I use this beam to cure epoxy for my trit...
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    xp-l strange surface from sunwayman v11r

    Hi, This is a shot from the xp-l led of my sunwayman v11r. You van see despite the poor quality of the picture that the led has two different tint. 2/3 blue and 1/3 yellow and I'm pretty sure the yellow part is slowly increasing. It's the first time I see this on one of my flashlight and would...
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    Hello from Belgium!

    Hi all! As written in the title I live in Belgium and just wanted to say "Bonjour à tous" . I love flashlights since I'm a kid and started with some Maglite... Now, at 30, my brain just melt in front custom Ti flashlight... :laughing: I read the forum for some month now and bought some...

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