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    Klarus HR1

    Hey Klarus, I'm looking at HR1. I have a few small complaints about it but compared to literally everything else I've seen on the market HR1 looks superb. But there's still one major drawback which keeps me from buying one. It delivers merely 150 lm from a powerbank. Even without PD support...
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    Quark Mini AA - any chance for a new batch?

    I'm looking for a very small, high quality, moddable AA twisty. Quark Mini AA seems to be the perfect choice except I can't find it anywhere for sale. Is there any chance that you'll make a new batch?
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    Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired.

    Grr. Yes, it took a long time to write a post. Because it was a lot of effort. The forum software has discarded it. Moving the page back I see it's gone. That's extremely annoying.:mad: ADDED: Chilled down slightly. Session expiration is not new to me. But in better forum software, when going...
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    Peak Eiger Ultra mini-review

    For submission in the reviews forum. Hey, I'd like to share my experiences with Peak Eiger that I bought in 2013. 1. Ordering At the moment Peak only offered Eigers with XP-G diodes, but as I wanted the best possible efficiency, I asked them to make a custom with a top-bin XP-G2. This was not a...
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    Suggestion: thermal protection for X lights

    I'm about to buy another Eiger (Ultra X). It's going to be a gift. The person who will receive it will be well educated about how to use it and I'll do whatever I can to make sure they use it safely. That person is a reasonable one, so I expect no problems. But nevertheless thinking that it's...

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