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    Help replacing a welded 18650 7.2 pack

    So I have a Skill 7.2v power wrench. It's a 1/4" light duty ratchet. It stopped working early in it's life and I'm sure it's battery related. I managed to get it apart, and it has a two pack of 18650 batteries that are connected by the welded metal strips. Of course the factory doesn't offer a...
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    How to dispose of old CR123 batteries?

    Hi All, So I haven't been active on the forum for many years. I recently dug back into my crazy collection from my active days and I probably have 50+ old, dead CR123 and cr2 cells. I searched online, as well as this forum, and cannot find much recent guidance on disposal. Alkalines pretty...
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    Spotlite shifter 1.0 ? Anyone have? AAA rear clickie, multi mode

    I was surfing today and found a link to this lite Anyone have this light or know more? I couldnt find it using the search function here. A little on the large side, but I like that its a AAA with a rear clickie and...
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    New Dorcy Twin Globe Lantern?

    Anyone see this before or review it or know anything about it? Its says hi-flux, but I wonder what led. Runtimes look fantastic. Feedback anyone?
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    Sold/Expired WTB/WTT: Lambda Micro Illuminator

    Might have to be an old timer here to remember these, but if you have one that's been sitting around that you might consider letting go cheap, let me know...
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    27LT Copy? (moderators please delete)

    I apologize, I should have done a search first, someone already started a thread on this months ago. Moderators, feel free to make this one disappear. Link to old thread Here Can anyone elaborate on this 3W Vega light? It sure looks like a it...
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    Sold/Expired WTT: Stock HDS Clip for Christoph Clip

    I dont expect to find many takers but.....anyone out there looking to trade their deep carry clip for a stocker? PM or email me... Thanks
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    New 'Dynamic Resistor'--thoughts?

    Hi, Has anyone seen this ? Its a dynamic resistor that keeps the current constant. Might be kinda cool if you want a 'dumb' flashlight at a relatively low current. Doesnt seem too bad for the $6 I saw it listed for... Thoughts anyone? Charlie
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    Luxeon style star with driver built in/on it.

    I was surfing on ebay and found this. Has anyone tried it before? Does anyone have any thoughts? Moderators, I realize I'm linking to an...
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    Sold/Expired FS: More drops! Arc boards, parts, misc lights, powerpucks

    Item 1: Very Old Style CMG Black with yellow led, one small spot missing paint on head, battery goes in with positive down.----$20$17, NOW $15 SOLD Item 2: Arc second HA head on black Peak Body, needs foil under battery to work, beam is greenish---$18 $15,NOW$13 SOLD Item 3: Arc second...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD OUT RED/ORANGE Lux I star 16 for $20 shipped

    LXHL-MH1D Red-Orange Star Hex - Lambertian These are supposedly 'R' flux, unknown voltage. They are not marked on the back side. As of last night, 11/12/06 they are all spoken for, I will post if anyone backs out or if more become available. As of 10PM central time 11/11/06 only 8 pieces...
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    R-bin 1 Watters becoming more common

    I read the announcement last week that lumileds was upgrading the ratings on the 1 watters. Today I'm noticing the Shoppe has R bin 1 watters RYOJ! I also did a search for R bin from Yahoo, and Tektite is advertising The Excursion LS1 with an R bin luxeon! Pretty cool if you ask me... Your...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: 5W 2C Mag-price drop number 2!

    For sale- 2C Black [email protected] U binned luxeon V Hotlips heatsink, pvc spacer surrounds 3-cr123 cells. Flashlight in very good shape, nice white beam. $80 shipped in the USA, International negotiable.. NOW $70 Dropped to $60 Prefer paypal non-cc. Thanks!
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    3D [email protected]'s on sale?

    3D [email protected]\'s on sale? Just thought you guys might like to know...3D [email protected] are $15 at my local Meijer store...Merrillville, Indiana. Don't know if its a sale or a clearance, but I think its a pretty good price. Made a mistake in Subject..3D not 3c!
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    Nexgen BB below 400ma for CR2 light?

    Hi- Can the nexgen bb blank be configured for current below 400ma? At the shop, I see an option for a .15 resistor when using two, but not as a single resistor. The reason I ask, is a CPF member is building a CR2 based light, and I feel a current less than 400 would be ideal. There may be...
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    Decent price for brand new (old style) KL1?

    Is $50 shipped a good price for a brand new (old style) KL1? Moderators, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, please move if necessary. Thanks! Zman
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    how to post a pic?

    does this work?
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    Sold/Expired FS Lamda Micro Illuminators--SOLD

    For Sale two Micro Illuminators. #1 Side Emitter prototype--$60 now $50 SOLD #2 Regular production High dome ---$50 now $40 SOLD Includes priority shipping in the USA with delivery confirmation. International negotiable. No longer in production. Details can be found here. You can...
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    Sold/Expired Sold Jets22 ArcLS--price drop!

    For sale, Jets modded light originally sold here Came back across the water some time ago. 1W 667ma, Green glow powder, twisty, fraen optic, nice and white. $145 now $135 shipped priority with delivery confirmation, international negotiable Message or email with questions.
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    Anyone else having trouble with email notification

    For the last month or so, none of the threads I mark as my favorite have been sending any emails. Is this a common problem? Is anyone else experiencing it? Is it possible I have to change something in my profile? Sorry if this has already been discussed and I missed it....