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    Power Supply Output Voltage Error

    Hello, folks I bought a LED driver: input: AC100-240V Output: DC30-57v / 600mA (constant) I connected it to a led strip, they flashed several times then switched off (i suspect they died, so i check the LED Driver Failure Detection Analysis), then took the multimeter and measured the Output...
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    What happened to my 3-wire phase dimming?

    Hi, all I’m designing some LED lighting based on TOP LED Functions Analysis and noticed that the manufacturer, who used to provide a 3-wire phase dimming driver as an option, no longer does. They said that the driver is no longer available from Lutron, and the suggestion was to use 2-wire phase...
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    LED Drivers IC: Sink current using PCA9685?

    Thanks for all the responses guys, they've been super helpful!:twothumbs My intention for this project was to use the datasheets' values at 20 mA as that's their typical test point. So without getting extra FETs, this is the highest current I can get from each pin? It sounds like I should be...
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    LED Drivers IC: Sink current using PCA9685?

    Hi, all I'm using a PCA9685 with a pinout board like Adafruit's. I'm trying to run a bunch of LEDs at 20 mA, and the chip is supposed to be able to source 10 mA and sink 25 mA. I understand that to have it Source, connect the LED between the PWM and GND pins and sink it between V+ and PWM. I've...
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    Choose 2700K (SST20 / LH351D / E21A / XPL-HI)?

    I have some nice ligths with 4000K hi CRI, but since I tried Wurkkos FC11 2700K LH351D I am ready for another 2700K. My next light will be D4V2 and it has 3 options: SST20 E21A XPL-HI T6 8B (2850K) I don't like greenish or bluish lights. Basically I want to know is there noticeable difference...
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    A Newbie from Hong Kong

    Hi, all :naughty: I'm Masonchen, a electronic engineer from Hong Kong. In my free time, I will take a video for my life, because I think you need love life, so the like will love you back. I believe work hard, you will get free for most things...;)