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  1. LuxLuthor

    I got the last available XeVision 85W Spotlight

    I wanted to get this when Dan first announced, and was so happy he still had one last 85W Spotlight out of the 10 he made. Should have it next week! Thanks also to Karlthev for his feedback and glowing praise. I didn’t get the larger SP head as it added a lot to the cost and makes the light...
  2. LuxLuthor

    Where to get AW batteries?

    Have not been here in a while, and noticed that AW is not listed as a seller anymore. Anyone know where I could get his cells now? Thanks
  3. LuxLuthor

    Matchboxs High Drain 10250 Li-Ion cells?

    I bought the Ti HF-R from Guy's Matchbox Instruments site that came with the two blue 10250 Li-Ion cells. They no longer take a charge, does anyone know if Guy is still around, or is there another source for a high drain 10250 cell? Guy's website doesn't put orders in the checkout basket, so...
  4. LuxLuthor

    Finally ranked #100 3 months in a row !!!

    We started getting these "Neighbor Efficiency Ranks" from Connecticut Light & Power about 8 months ago where they rank your house to 100 neighbors that have similar size homes; where #1 is the most energy efficient, and #100 is the least efficient. They have pretty color bar codes, and line...
  5. LuxLuthor

    What is best battery powered under kitchen stove stick up light?

    The incan light holder is falling apart, and insulation partially burned (because I put a 100W bulb in what should have been a 40-60W bulb socket) in the stovetop vent hood. I need an effective, and good lumen output temporary stick up type LED source until I can get the entire built-in...
  6. LuxLuthor

    Help fixing JetBeam Jet-III Pro Ti 2008 light

    I see that BugOutGearUSA is no longer selling JetBeam (where I bought these models in 2008), and had a minor problem with one when changing batteries last night. The bottom of the LED Driver circuit has a raised metal disc (like a thin 5mm diameter Neodymium magnet) that came off as shown in...
  7. LuxLuthor

    Question about new FTC Informational Announcement

    I noticed and read that pinned FTC Informational Announcement, and read most of it, but it does drone on as a typical government documents inherently seem to do. I did not see a thread asking or discussing it in the Administrative section, so I apologize if it has been addressed elsewhere...
  8. LuxLuthor

    Alkaline batteries ate through wall of aluminum 3D body

    I think I had this light from the days before I joined CPF, and occasionally have used it for pathetic contrast to show what a REAL flashlight can do. Was cleaning out the cupboard, and saw the typical white crystallized battery acid coming out the base of the focusing head. I took it out and...
  9. LuxLuthor

    Amazon Payments (Free)

    Greta, Don't know if you have a need or interest in another payment channel, but I have used Amazon's Payment system for a while both receiving and sending. Worth checking out as an option.
  10. LuxLuthor

    In retrospect I wish I had bought gold a couple years ago.

    Got some play on it, but didn't buy enough when it was at $400. Looks like its going over $2,000.
  11. LuxLuthor

    South Dakota Mountain Lion Migrated to Connecticut !

    This is a pretty amazing thing since supposedly Mountain Lions normally don't migrate more than 100 miles from home. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to go for evening dog walks knowing about this.
  12. LuxLuthor

    Camping With Bears

    OK, when I used to go canoeing and camping in the Boundary Waters/Quetico Provincial Park area, we had a regular practice of suspending our food packs between two tall trees, thinking this would give adequate protection, and we definitely had bears trigger our "pots and pans" alarm system at...
  13. LuxLuthor

    3 Children born on 8/8/08, 9/9/09, & 10/10/10

    Pretty amazing story when you consider the odds of that happening.
  14. LuxLuthor

    First the Cane Toads, now the Locusts?

    I'm pre-emptively feeling bad for our friends down under. These buggers can be devastating. Are they starting already, or just have the right conditions for them to multiply?
  15. LuxLuthor

    Steven Colbert Testifies @ US Congress

    This has to be the finest accomplishment of his career, so filled with skilled comedy and subtle jabs, it left me laughing so hard, I almost blacked out. His answering of questions in the 3rd video at this site are equally hysterical, but you have to speed up to get to them (first couple are at...
  16. LuxLuthor

    Shootout AW vs. Redilast 18650 2900mAh

    I bought batteries from both vendors at my own expense (no shilling or favoritism or promotion should be inferred), and wanted to compare them. They are obviously both using the same Panasonic NCR18650 described in this PDF. The Redilast cell had the label removed by CPF member csshih in this...
  17. LuxLuthor

    I'm burning candles and starting my "Hurricane Go Away" Dances

    All the weather forcasters keep saying how long it has been since a major hurricane has hit the northeast, and although Danielle is an otherwise pretty name, let's hope "she" prefers whirling dervishes far to the east. (This is one of my favorite online, well designed can turn on...
  18. LuxLuthor

    That's a lot of eggs

    I was reading about the salmonella egg contamination which projects that 76,000 Americans have been infected, and leading to 380 million eggs being recalled. It is amazing to think about that amount of eggs within a limited expiration time frame, and coming only from 2 farms in Iowa which is...
  19. LuxLuthor

    Any danger/risk with >5 yr old Lithium Ion cells?

    I was just realizing that my first (unprotected) Lithium Cobalt Ion cells are from 2005 which I got to power my first FiveMega Mag85 in this thread. I do not remember reading a discussion about any possible known safety issues, or internal degradation/short that can develop just from the aging...
  20. LuxLuthor

    Live streaming baby owl nest

    I should have posted this earlier. The babies are getting bigger as Mom/Dad bring in freshly killed rodents.