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  1. F250XLT

    WTB - P60 drop-in for Surefire 9P Single Mode

    Should have newer gen emitter(s), single mode, and run on up to 3 primaries. NOW OPEN TO SINGLE MODE
  2. F250XLT

    Surefire 9P Upgrade Ideas

    I'm a sucker for old skool lights, and have a 9P on the way. I have a 6P with a 3 mode drop-in & clickie upgrade, and I'm looking for a great option for the 9P I have on the way. Clickie upgrade seems like a no brainer? Any recommendations on a drop-in? I know there are SO many out there, but...
  3. F250XLT

    Non-working Ra Light, no response from HDS

    Need to get a repair done on a Ra Light Clicky, sent 2 emails to HDS, no response. :shrug:
  4. F250XLT

    Sold/Expired *FOUND*

    If anyone has an EX10 they would like to move, please let me know. I just received a NIB EX11.2, condition of your EX10 not important, as it will be a parts donor. If you have one to offer, please PM me, thank you.
  5. F250XLT

    Nitecore EX11.2 Winter Edition

    I bought this to be the donor for a Ti shell that I recently picked up, and I cannot believe the box this thing came in. The only things inside are the light, lanyard with spare O-rings, and the instructions. I can only assume they came out with his box so you would have something bigger to wrap...
  6. F250XLT

    Just ordered a Fenix PD36R

    Picked one up with the 20% discount on their website, looking forward to this one. Saw one that a buddy has, was quite impressed. EDIT - After I've had a few opportunities to put it to use, I find that I do not care for the tail/side switch combination. Click to turn on, then adjust in your...
  7. F250XLT

    Sold/Expired WTB - KuKu427 Ti D10

    This one was always one of my favorites, anyone have one collecting dust?
  8. F250XLT

    Cheers to Msf

    Great communication, prompt shipping, fantastic transaction. Thank you.
  9. F250XLT

    Sold/Expired WTB - Sunwayman V10R Ti ***FOUND***

    Anyone have one they want to move? Please respond via PM with pics and price, thank you!
  10. F250XLT

    Sold/Expired WTB - JetBeam TCR1 or Niteye EYE10

    Should be in Like New condition, please PM me if you have something available.
  11. F250XLT

    Ti light similar to the Nitecore EX10?

    I seem to remember a piston driven light that someone made, it was very similar to the EX10, can someone tell me what it was please? Thinking JHanko perhaps?
  12. F250XLT

    Sold/Expired WTB - Peak LED Solutions Lights

    I'd really like to get some of these again, anyone looking to move any? If so, please send pics & price, I'm interested. Thank you, stay smart, stay safe.
  13. F250XLT

    Surefire 10X Dominator Battery Pack Rebuild?

    Hey all, I've got a Dominator, and it is in serious need of a battery pack refurb, does anyone think this is possible? If yes, will I be able to use the OEM charger?
  14. F250XLT

    Surefire Blast from the Past - 10X Dominator

    Gotta love the “Go from operational to blinding light instantly“, I guess 500 lm is somewhat blinding in the grand scheme of things. [emoji38] Technology certainly has come along way, but I do love some of these old dinosaurs.
  15. F250XLT

    Fenix LD01 Hazy Lens

    There’s some serious haze under the lens on this light, how easy is it to access for cleaning?
  16. F250XLT

    Sold/Expired WTB - HDS EDC Original Versions, ARC LS, First Run, AA, AAA

    Looking for some of the old skool HDS lights, Ultimate & Basic. Also looking for a 2AA tube to complete my set. ARC LS, First Run, AA, AAA lights, should be like new condition, modded okay.
  17. F250XLT

    Reply with Quote

    This option no longer works for me, I just get the spinning ball of death.
  18. F250XLT

    Who are the top modders these days?

    Been gone a while, but used to get a lot of lights modded by members here. I had dealt mostly with Milky, Darkzero, DatiLED, and a few others, but most are now long gone. That said, who are the top modders doing work on the side these days?
  19. F250XLT

    Identify these reflectors?

    Going through the parts drawer, trying to identify some things. These appear to be 20 mm x 20 mm, can anyone tell me what they are from? My flashlight collecting past is quite a blur, could these be from a Longbow?
  20. F250XLT

    P60 Drop-In w/Hyperion XM-L2 U2

    Have the spare time, so I've been sifting through my parts drawer. I've got a SF 6P coming today, and I figured I'd use as an upgrade, but can't seen to find any info on it when I search. Can anyone enlighten me as to who made it, and whether or not it's still fairly relevant? 3 stage...