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  1. aginthelaw

    where'd you get your Leather Flashlight/Knife wallet?

    I want a leather wallet to put a leatherman juice and oveready boss in. open top. in the pocket of cargo pants. i'd probably get a second one for jeans carry, and would probably do a sak alox and surefire titan or thrunite t10. feel free to post your pics
  2. aginthelaw

    Surefire + Malkoff: What’s your combo?

    Just picked up a Z3 and decided to save the stock halogen bulb for a rainy day. I popped in some 17500’s and an old m60. I’m not crazy about the bezel though. Doesn’t appear to be original (plain, no markings and the lens has a bubble on it). I might keep the tailcap stock and throw something on...
  3. aginthelaw

    Integrated indicator light on rechargeable acebeam battery

    I have the acebeam 5100mah imr 21700 battery with integrated micro usb port, model number imr21700np-510a and after charging the light turned green and did not go off after disconnecting the charge cord. Anyone else experience this? Any solutions? I understand the manker batteries also display...
  4. aginthelaw

    Which Parker is this?

    Got it about 6 years ago. Even Parker is having a hard time identifying it. The grey center part has sparkles in it. It has a ‘waist’ and is made of metal. The removable tip is plastic. A magnet sticks to the clip and the insides are ferrous where the clicky mechanism is located. It takes a gel...
  5. aginthelaw

    Cheers to...

    trits added to SLN twisty tail cap just had to extol the virtues of his work. Didn’t get his permission to throw his name out there yet (plus I don’t have it in my hot little hands because I didn’t pay him yet), but I just couldn’t keep this to myself. Alex1234 is his name. I just got it...
  6. aginthelaw

    FOUND: Zebralight SC600 MKIV HI

    I have a sc64w for trade. if not i will buy from you the sc600 outright. I'm in the USA additionally, i have a Klarus xt12gt sc600 original series with removeable bezel (that's the one if you want to reflow a new led) mateminco s01 rainbow colored Nitecore TM03 cw, proprietary battery but...
  7. aginthelaw

    [FOUND]: Used 18650 P60 host, Malkoff, Solarforce, etc

    have a few fairly expensive drop ins, but i ran out of lights to put them in. beat up or worn, no problem. let me know what you have. mcclicky preferred.
  8. aginthelaw


    No longer available. Traded. Seasons greetings!!! over did it with the lights this year (and last year...and the year before that). These are pretty much new and have been tested for 1-2 minutes and placed back in the box olight s2r baton limited edition (if you consider 10,000 pieces...
  9. aginthelaw

    Sold/Expired WTB: Malkoff sho head neutral

    Howdy all. I have a new spoke to my flashlight collecting. FOUND! md2 body to go with my bodyless corpses. if you have one laying around, preferably with a triad tailcap, let me know. If there's anything else malkoff you wish to ditch, send me details. thanks all! NOW looking for an sho head...
  10. aginthelaw

    The VME Photos and Discussion Thread

    Would this be where i ask if Anyone else’s has a problem with the 2 halves of their VME head going together?
  11. aginthelaw

    Sold/Expired FOUND: Malkoff hound dog 4000k

    Interested in something in the warmer tint, with md2 body. needs to be 100 percent functional but doesn’t have to be 100 percent pretty. Thanks Thanks all for the education. got what i was looking for and then some. now i'm off on another tangent to my collection. if there's an orange md2 not...
  12. aginthelaw

    Sold/Expired WTB: Cooyoo Quantum

    Interested in Blue, in fairly good shape. battery preferred but not mandatory.
  13. aginthelaw

    Flashlights that take more than 1 battery type

    I was perusing my collection and am giddy that my sd4a can take a d-cell, 11,000mah, nimh battery, as well as AA's in the supplied battery carrier. i know my rechargeable maglites can ditch the battery pack for c-cell or d-cell alkalines in a pinch, but are there other lights out there that are...
  14. aginthelaw

    Waiting for the D4S

    There's a space in the foreground of this pic for the D4s. any idea when it's coming out?
  15. aginthelaw


    Over 3000 lumen at turn on. sustains high longer than xpl, but with lower heat. us 50 states only. and yes those colors are way off. my email and paypal are my screen name quote from sales thread for grey Emisar D4: "Nichia 219C D320/MTN quad board. Better throw and beam than the...
  16. aginthelaw

    I Think We're Going Thermal

    So, i threw my HDC batteries in my X7 Olight. They've been sitting a few months after i had charged them last, and i went to use the light on turbo, then turbo turbo. the light started acting like it was in a strobe mode, so i shut it off. i actually heard something similar to a taser while it...
  17. aginthelaw


    Plainfield nj on the east end just experienced an outage. The lights have batteries fully charged (my U21vn just arrived in the mail), my go bag is packed, phone at 100 percent...I’m good to go
  18. aginthelaw

    Sold/Expired FOUND : Manker MK34 found

    Looking to pick up another one after my last one walked off. I prefer neutral but it doesn’t matter either way. Let me know what you have
  19. aginthelaw

    Sold/Expired WTS: Foursevens mini ml ml-ae

    SOLD!!! WTS: Foursevens mini ml ml-ae Brand new in the box with cr123 battery. 216 lumens xp-g2. Never used. Have never even placed a battery in it. $30 shipping included.
  20. aginthelaw

    Sold/Expired Closed: Giveaway: anyone interested?

    Trying to keep my wife sane by cleaning out some lights. Nothing spectacular just some tap lights for cupboards or closets, & a few book lights. LEDs mostly. Just let me know you want them & I'll ship them to you. My screen name is my aol address also, or you can pm me