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  1. TigerhawkT3

    Feature CPF Daily Newsletter

    Common etiquette is to allow people to opt into things they want, with the option to unsubscribe if/when they change their mind. Automatically adding every registered email to a marketing campaign and telling them to opt out if they don't like your decision is not the recommended practice. Also...
  2. TigerhawkT3

    Acebeam review: X45 (6500K), E70 (5000K), TK16 (5000K high CRI)

    I bought some Acebeam lights during the sale last month. Here are my impressions. The TK16 (battery included) has three emitter options: more lumens, more throw, or more CRI. I went for CRI. These are 5000K Luminus LEDs with >95 CRI, and it's my first time seeing emitters like this. The beam's...
  3. TigerhawkT3

    Any modern lights with interfaces that aren't crazy?

    Hmm, yeah, 10 seconds is still at the level of a novelty. 25 seconds isn't great, but seems like enough time to get a variety of actual tasks done. I really like how low the SC700d's can go, but the UI seems like it too is trying to put too much into one button, even after setup/configuration...
  4. TigerhawkT3

    Any modern lights with interfaces that aren't crazy?

    Nitecore's T4K, E4K, and i4000R, although the T4K only goes up to 200 lumens outside of the very limited 4K turbo mode, and it's not waterproof. Smaller than the other two, though. I checked out what Surefire and HDS are offering these days, and their output and other features aren't...
  5. TigerhawkT3

    Any modern lights with interfaces that aren't crazy?

    The last lights I bought and liked have basically just had an on/off switch and a dimmer: Nitecore's SRT3, SRT6, SRT9, and HC90. But Nitecore's been discontinuing that style and all that's left is the SRT7; everything else is that nutty "triple-click switch B for momentary turbo while in daily...
  6. TigerhawkT3

    Nitecore TM10K

    Choices can be good, but there's something to be said for a UI that's actually designed, so you can hand your light to someone and not have to spend more than three seconds explaining/showing how it works. Nitecore knows how to do it right; I don't know why they choose not to.
  7. TigerhawkT3

    Nitecore TM10K

    First: I'm a Nitecore guy. I EDC three lights and they're all Nitecore. 10k lumens in a portable LED light is nothing short of amazing. This hobby has come a long way. The TM10K has a form factor that actually looks practical for someone to carry on their person, unlike most multi-emitter and...
  8. TigerhawkT3

    What's the latest in magnetic variable ring type flashlights?

    This is the only interface I have the patience for these days, and I go with Nitecore. I carry an SRT6, SRT9, and HC90 (basically a headlight version of the SRT6), with an SRT3 on my bedside table. The SRT3 is a CR123A light that comes with a AA extension tube. It has several nonsense modes...
  9. TigerhawkT3 produces a security error in Chrome

    I tried going to CPFM a few minutes ago and found that Chrome thinks it's a phishing site: That's going to turn away a lot of users who either don't notice they can dismiss the warning or are afraid to do so. I did some quick Googling and didn't see an existing thread, so I thought I would...
  10. TigerhawkT3

    TigerhawkT3 Video Lights 1 and 2 (TVL2 fully-variable CC; pics, beamshots, video)

    I was playing with my new Nitecore SRT9 today when I suddenly realized that I was holding a production flashlight with more (still fully-variable) output than the monstrosity I built nearly ten years ago. Instead of loading equipment into the car and hauling it to a shoot, I'll just have this on...
  11. TigerhawkT3

    LiteFlux LF2 User Manual

    This light is anything but simple, and it doesn't seem to exist anywhere online. I still have the manual, so here it is: The PDF is the complete manual. The INDD (InDesign CS5) is the source for the PDF. The PNGs are the source for the flowchart images. The .gliffy...
  12. TigerhawkT3

    Review: Olight 18650 3400mAh Li-Ion

    I got one of these cells in 2014 for use in an EDC light. It sees very light use, so it's been charged probably less than half a dozen times. I put it in a charger a few minutes ago and the positive contact quite literally came apart, and grew extremely hot. This is one premium $16 cell that I...
  13. TigerhawkT3

    Cree BA19 bulbs flickering, varying output

    The one remaining BA19 in my room is starting to die. It's flickering every few minutes, shifting back and forth between a bluish hue and a pink hue. I can't stand the constant flickering, so I'm replacing it with a couple CFLs for now. Does anyone have a recommendation for general-use...
  14. TigerhawkT3

    Cree BA19 bulbs flickering, varying output

    Sounds like ongoing, unaddressed quality issues with irreparable units. I'd held off on LED fixed lighting for so long because they were always driven too hard, given poor drivers, not properly heatsinked, etc., ignoring the LED manufacturers' specs to make a quick buck. I thought that a bulb...
  15. TigerhawkT3

    Cree BA19 bulbs flickering, varying output

    After Jim's question about whether the bulbs flickered together, I looked at them more closely and saw that only one of them was flickering at all. I removed that one, tried it in a desk lamp, and immediately saw the same flicker. The remaining bulb is steady. These bulbs start flickering as...
  16. TigerhawkT3

    Cree BA19 bulbs flickering, varying output

    I looked at it just now to verify, and one bulb went to 50% for a few seconds, then back up to full. They are independent.
  17. TigerhawkT3

    Cree BA19 bulbs flickering, varying output

    I have Cree BA19 bulbs running as ceiling lights in two rooms. They constantly flicker, dim down, and brighten, similar to a candle on a windy day. Output will flicker between half and full several times in a second, then drop to half for a few seconds, then back to full, then go slightly dimmer...
  18. TigerhawkT3

    The Shotgun Thread

    Update time! I can now confirm this. My SPR453 stopped cycling, and I wasn't sure why. I regularly cleaned the bore, the gas ports, and the gas piston assembly of all visible gunk, so I took it to the local gun shop. They scrubbed at it a bit and it didn't help, so I had their gunsmith take a...
  19. TigerhawkT3

    EDCing a Nitecore HC90

    I've readjusted the CP-L for a more snug fit, but I'm not entirely confident with that setup - I'd prefer a pouch with no open bits. Anyone know a good one? Maybe a Nite-Ize tool pouch of some kind?
  20. TigerhawkT3

    New Nitecore strobing/flickering

    The replacement arrived today. No flashing or strobing, everything seems good. :)

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