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    Looking for a bare bones featureless taclight can't find anything plz halp?

    You might also consider adding an aftermarket strike bezel to whatever light you ultimately select. There are several reputable sellers among this community's supporters, and dozens online. I recommend selecting the light first; the bezel bling is the easiest bit to source afterwards.
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    18650 to 2-D?

    I bought a similar adapter from XXO, a 21700 to 2C adapter tube. It fits both my light and the 21700 cell perfectly...slides into the battery tube without sticking; no rattle; and the tailcap spring seats with the same tension as when using a 2C configuration. I have no hesitation recommending...
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    Lumens or runtime?

    High lumens? Long runtimes? Yes, please. :clap:
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    ---Hooked On A Feeling---

    I share Bull-Dozer's attention to the marketplace, to identify some new variation on portable lighting that might augment or advance my current lights' capabilities. I already have more than enough of what I need for my purposes. Experience has demonstrated however that there are often...
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    darkest place you have ever been?

    My darkest nights were all during naval service, with one exception. Happy Memory: Sailing the western Pacific, on a moonless night there are only the stars for illumination. Annoying Memory: When conducting emergency drills, there is no starlight if you're below decks. During disaster...
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    Solarforce P1 internal dimension

    Your question piqued my curiosity. I have five Solarforce P1 hosts, and my caliper measurements of each show an internal bore diameter of 19 mm, without any variation measurable by digital caliper. Also, every kind of 18650 cell I have (including Panasonic) slides into each tube easily, without...
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    Mirage Man Customs

    Ten million years from now, when alien archeologists are picking over humanity's remains, they're going to find these lights. I suspect that they'll still work, too.
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    Visually impaired need bright light

    Here's a drop-in suggestion. Manfactured by Sportac; also available from several of the reputable merchants who support this forum. (Choose your favorite and place your order...) Sportac Triple LED P60 Dropin for 18650 Host For maximum lumen output. Floody beam. High CRI-92. 3xCREE XP-G2 S2...
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    Woods walking

    You might consider getting your daughter a small, lightweight trail running headlamp, something like a NiteCore NU17 or NU20. It would be all her very own. Hands-free lighting. Both have low modes for woods walking. Rechargeable. A good light for daddy's best girl.
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    Hello from SoCal

    Whereabouts in SoCal? I lived and worked in San Diego, La Jolla, LA, Long Beach, and San Francisco, in the days when the sky was brown from auto exhaust, not forest fires.
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    So, TomBlue...whereabouts in the world do you live?
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    Hi from NW Indiana

    Heat and runtime may be issues here...just sayin. :cool:
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    Hi from Rome

    So, Alex, are there any interesting Italian-made torches you own or know about? (If the Italian's make one, it's sure to be sleek and elegant, and all of us in the U.S. will want one. 😁 )
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    What‘s your favorite headlamp?

    Ohhhh...do I have headlamps. I'm a backpacker, and tailor my headlamp to the environment I'm hiking in. For wide open spaces and mountain environments (the Sierra Nevada range, for example) I prefer a really good thrower with a decent spill beam like the Nitecore HC30 (1000 lumens on Turbo /...
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    Visually impaired need bright light

    Hi Frecupido... Just in case you still want to play with an affordable 2x18650 host, KaiDomain offers the following: 502D FLASHLIGHT SHELL - BLACK (1 PC) / Product Code : S024923 / $9.30 plus shipping.
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    Disaster Light for Emergency workers

    Quoting Vicv... "I think for the runtimes required, I'd recommend either a maglite ML50 3C or an ML300 which uses D cells. The D cells will give you longer run time but it will also make for a larger heavier light. " If you decide to investigate the utility of Maglite products, I recommend that...
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    Duracell Quantums discontinued !

    Responding to the rhetorical question about uses for alkaline C and/or D cells, I seem to recall that the C cells have four times the energy density of a AA cell, and the energy density of a D cell is right times greater than the humble AA. In my anecdotal experience, I have never had a C or D...

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