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  1. Kestrel

    Looking for 12 volt LED lighting from a car battery - illumination for a shipping container cabin

    Hello, I need to hang some basic LED lighting in a shipping container cabin; the power source for now will be my extra 12V car battery - conveniently, the car battery format that goes in my Subaru Outback. (This way, I will be able to swap batteries in the field and also have an emergency backup...
  2. Kestrel

    Old emotes?

    An old thread that demonstrated many of the fun ones; Edit: of course, the pic links are inoperative; I'm just illustrating how the varied assortment of forum smilies are being representated in the new software.
  3. Kestrel

    GM recalls every Chevy Bolt ever made due to a dangerous battery defect

    I read that GM is going to go after LG on this charge; $0.8B + $1.2B now with the revised recall.
  4. Kestrel

    Question on light battery combo for Alaska

    Hello HSO; While it is not exactly your query, I did a thread here (although some of the selections are a bit dated); good pics there tho, IMO. :) 'Ultralight' packing for Alaska 'bush flying' - pic heavy And BTW, I spent a year working in Bethel one month. :-P
  5. Kestrel

    Hoverboard incident

    After seeing the video w/ the mom watching the whole event from start to finish; "I didn't even think about grabbing one of our fire extinguishers until Craig rushed in with one!' Miner added in her post." :ohgeez: Good pics in the article BTW.
  6. Kestrel

    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    I expect there will always be a role for a couple of CR123 (primary) lights in my stable: a few SureFire L1's and a SureFire T1A Titan - neither of which should really be run with LiIons IMO. (Both of which are /outstanding/ designs which have a low likelihood of seeing comparable lights done in...
  7. Kestrel

    CR-123A Question

    and :welcome: lol
  8. Kestrel

    Hello from Oregon!

    :welcome: from another OR resident;
  9. Kestrel

    Samsung S7; Max microSD card size ?

    Does anybody really know ? I have a Galaxy S7, and want to purchase the largest microSD card it will address. I have seen 'official' numbers of 200GB or 256GB, and numerous posters online have claimed up 512GB. If anyone has firsthand knowledge re: actually trying in excess of 200GB, it would...
  10. Kestrel

    New stove: the GoSun solar oven

    Ah, thx for the bump Kitro; :wave: Funny timing; I was just out last week, car camping on my central OR property. I broke out the GoSun for an 8-pack of frozen grocery-store-type burritos; we pushed it on the first evening by setting up at 6:30 pm...
  11. Kestrel

    flashlight museum gone?

    Actually, it never was. :) There is an interesting story on a classical music composer (can't recall his name - which is one of the lessons to take away I guess :ironic:). He was modestly successful in his day (early romantic era IIRC), so that a wealthy patron created a library to house all of...
  12. Kestrel

    Headlamp Like First Gen Surefire Minimus

    There were also the SureFire-branded 3.0v rechargeables; they didn't really catch on (partly due to their low capacity), but that could be another option. :shrug:
  13. Kestrel

    Headlamp Like First Gen Surefire Minimus

    I feel for you, OP; while I have been running my flashlights on rechargeables for over 10 years, I am still running through a few CR123's per year using my SF Minimus Vision. It is otherwise such a perfect design, that I can't imagine SF or any other company making anything like them again. :-/...
  14. Kestrel

    In hosoital

    I can certainly say that everybody here is pulling for you, raggie.:grouphug:
  15. Kestrel

    Surefire MODs

    Re: Surefire U2 4oook Osram Square Is that a ~6v build or a ~3v build ? (I'm still loving your XML-EZW ~6v U2 mod. :))
  16. Kestrel

    Corona Virus... the second wave

    Freedom of action doesn't mean freedom from consequences.
  17. Kestrel

    War movies

    Thanks for that link; I've had the DVD for that documentary on my Amazon list for years but never got around to ordering it. :thumbsup:
  18. Kestrel

    Malkoff to euorpe (sweden)

    In my experience, the expense of shipping small packages to Europe is quite reasonable; as long as insurance coverage is declined - and both parties are cool with that. An option that is not really open to commercial sellers, as their business model wouldn't normally include assuming the risks...
  19. Kestrel

    Corona Virus... the second wave

    It would help if parties that declined the vaccination, would get notification that their insurers would refuse to pay for any subsequent COVID-related health care expenses; that would go a way towards solving a couple of problems.
  20. Kestrel

    What is the most reliable AAA keychain light?

    I've always thought that the most reliable 1xAAA light would be a pair of 1xAAA lights. ;)