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  1. chaoss

    RIP Norm Macdonald

    Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL as Burt Reynolds, classic. And his weekend updates on SNL. RIP, great comedian.
  2. chaoss

    What was your prep for today?

    Cardio with a heavy load out, trying to prepare for anywhere-anytime. Because you don’t get to choose either one.
  3. chaoss


    Hi Adam, enjoy your stay. Lots of good people & information here.
  4. chaoss

    Show off your KA-BAR Dozier folding hunter.

    The one pictured above is the newer D2 version, i also have a satin plain in AUS 8A. Under $20 bucks, fantastic value! Edited to add: Plain jane Spyderco Delicas are retailing @ $84 currently. I would rather have 4 of these and a little extra change.
  5. chaoss

    Hi to you all.

    Welcome back 👍
  6. chaoss

    Hello everyone...

    Hi, welcome.
  7. chaoss

    Show off your KA-BAR Dozier folding hunter.

    As usual, I’m late to the party again. In my constant pursuit for the “ONE” over the years i have somehow managed to completely overlook this absolutely incredible folder. Opened up the box, checked function, added a lanyard and into the pocket it went. Has not left my side since. This one is a...
  8. chaoss

    Sold/Expired **SOLD**Hogue Deka $100

    Another price reduction 👍.
  9. chaoss

    911- 20 years later, where were you?

    I was watching it unfold live on the TV that morning and remember yelling GTF out of those towers NOW! 😥 That night and several after saw zero air traffic (usually pretty heavy for Phoenix metro), the only aircraft up there for the next few days was a pair of F 16’s out of Luke AFB circling the...
  10. chaoss

    Sold/Expired **SOLD**Hogue Deka $100

    Tough crowd in here, make a reasonable offer?
  11. chaoss

    Sold/Expired **SOLD**Hogue Deka $100

    Hugue Deka, 3.25” CPM 20CV tumbled blade steel, blue lava G10 frame, ABLE lock. Gently used, original factory edge, sporting some pocket lint. Asking $120 $110 $100 **SOLD**PayPal, shipped to your CON-US ONLY doorstep. No trade offers please. First posted “I’ll take it!” gets priority over all...
  12. chaoss

    post your faverite toys you had as a child and your fav toy now?

    Easy, Vertibird from Hasbro. That was a lot of fun controlling a tethered helicopter. All fun & games until the lawyers got involved :awman: Today it’s things that go bang very fast & very quietly :cool:
  13. chaoss

    Sodas: The Official CPF Soda Thread!

    That ratio could also apply to beer 😎
  14. chaoss

    newmans own foods!

    Personally, any marinara sauce with a low sugar content is good to go. I like the super cheap Hunts in a can. $ 1 buck.
  15. chaoss

    The Official CPF Hot Sauce Thread!

    It’s good stuff. On a side note: Did you all know that most smaller chain-mom & pop Mexican food joints usually have an unadvertised house blend hot-super hot sauce available? A local place here has one that they call salsa diablo and it’s gooooood :devilish:. Secret menu and all.
  16. chaoss


    I think that your reputation (member since 2008) will eclipse this very unfortunate short term hiccup. Hang in there fellow enthusiast. I’m a little slow, just now reversed your username. webadmin? Edited to add: If i happen to come across one of your sales threads in the future i will chime...
  17. chaoss

    The Official CPF Hot Sauce Thread!

    Been there, tried that. I can however recommend Walkerswood Jamaican Fire Stick pepper sauce. A little on the thin side like Tabasco but flavor and heat are good to go.
  18. chaoss

    I'm vegan, and why you should be too. AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Veggie drama! LOL
  19. chaoss

    Favorite movie quotes…….can you name the movie?

    Tombstone? Soooo many good lines in that movie.