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  1. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Ls27 / S27

    ***BOTH SOLD*** Due to the lockdown we have here in Germany my wife has no job and income anymore. Therefore i have to sell my last custom Lights of my collection. :( All Lights are in excellent condition! Shipping is extra. McGizmo Ls27 - 549$ - sold McGismo S27 - 499$ - sold Both lights...
  2. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn ... McGizmo McLux III Pd with Ti + stock Bezel (priced to sell)

    Up for sale is a rare McLux III Pd in black. :) This one has defenitly the smoothest operations of all my twisty lights, included is the plain stock bezel also the Ti Bezel Don offered. Condition is very good with some signs of use. Pistondrive houses a green Trit (still glowing good...
  3. toby_pra

    WTB Aleph Mule Head ... will pay good :)

    Title says it all... ;) Lookin for a black (or natural) Aleph Mule Head, empty or not. i dont care... :) at the end i only need the Head with Lens. Cr2 Body would be cool too. Feel free to shoot me a Pm or post here... ;)
  4. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn$ ... EXOLION SS - piece of history (new pics)

    very rare ... truly a must have for every Collector :) Exolion SS in mint condition! Cr2 based custom Light with 3 Levels of brightness, supersmooth Twisty...for the ones who did not know. ;) withdrawn NOTE! its the smaller one in the pics - the other one is sold already
  5. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired Sold ... gregw custom SS R123 Flashlight 1/20

    Up for sale is a rare piece of history ... gregw R123 Stainless Steel Custom. He only did a small run of 20 pieces... more can be found here :) This one is mint, 5 Levels ... Cree XR-E Q2 bin , Rcr123 and still pretty bright! Easy to update the LED thuogh, because easy to disassemble. ;) 189$...
  6. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: McGizmo Ti PD-S modded

    Up for sale is my one-of-a-Kind McGizmo Ti Pd-S. :) Excellent condition! Very very smooth Twisty Action (i had many of these, but this is the smoothest one ;)). Green Tritium in the Tail! I love the look of these single-reflector customs, much more then the triple optics one. The following...
  7. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired SOLD: MIRAGEMAN / SSC P4 Downboy LE

    This one has to go too... :) Mirageman (AFAIK) custom CR123 condition, housing a SSC P4 Led with a Downboy...interchangeable with McGizmo, Surefire E-Series, TNC, Aleph and similar... :) Use a new Tana or McGizmo Light-Engine to have an updated Light. ;) SOLD !! 349$ >>>> 299$...
  8. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired FS: rare TNC Ti custom Hosts

    ***** take both for only 550$ >>> 500$ !!! (plus shipping) ***** Up for sale are 2 rare TNC Ti Hosts. :) Both are in Cr123 Size, already with installed Sapphire Lens, McClicky switch too. Just add an McGizmo / Tana Le or similar. ;) Excellent Condition, never used. One comes without Clip...
  9. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo S27 Cx2

    ...only 20 ever made! :) The S27 Cx2 is special, because it has a DB917 driver built in (afaik Don only uses the DB917 with this light). It has a nice throw, with lots of sidespill. SSC P4 Led with 2 level of brightsness, neutral tint, perfect beam! This one feels so good in the hands...a real...
  10. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired McGizmo + Aleph LE (priced to sell)

    Up for sale are 2 Light-Engines i dont need anymore... :) 1. McGizmo 3stage LE i believe its an 083 or so ... wonderful warm tint - 69$ shipped 2. Aleph Lux LE dont know what type LED, 1stage, cool tint - 29$ shipped
  11. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired SOLD. Rare LUMMI Wee Titanium

    excellent Condition, raw Titanium, 2 blue installed Trits, Battery is also included ;) should be the 50Lumens Version 129$ >>> 115$ SOLD shipped worldwide
  12. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired SOLD custom Sunwayman V10R Titanium with Steve KU Modification :)

    Up for sale is my Sunwayman V10R Titanium :) This one is pretty special, because of its ultrarare Steve Ku custom Tritium Tailcap housing 6 Trits. Excellent condition all over. XP-G Led. Perfect buildquality, smooth operation. SOLD - 225$ shipped worldwide
  13. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired SOLD SOLD !!! rare TAIN BOREALIS Ti AA Custom with 17 Trits

    Up for sale is my TAIN orealis in mint Condition. :) Awesome fit&finish, Nichia 219 Led with an awesome warm Tint, runs with AA Cell (up to 1.5V), 2 Levels of Brightness..Saphirecrystal. These are sold out. 499$ >>>>> 449$ plus shipping
  14. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired WTB WTB SPY007 or SPY005 (within Europe)

    Hey Folks! lookin for a Spy 007 or 005 (mostly)... :) I would be happy to pick up one within Europe. Otherwise we can work something out (if you like...).
  15. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired WTB WTB <<<<<<<< Spy005 >>>>>>>>

    Title says it all :) Located in Europe / Germany - the most i would like to purchase within Europe ;) But no need to...
  16. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired very rare Michael Jordan Extreme II Prototype

    Up for sale is my MJ Extreme II Prototype. :) Mint condition...(except some fingerprints and dust in the pics). Trople Led with cool Tint, 3 Levels of Brightness, Sapphire Lens. Awesome well known HAIII glossy Finish. Run with Rcr123 or Cr123, inter changeable with Aleph, Surefire E-Series...
  17. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD Bundle SUREFIRE Parts / custom Maglite Strike Bezel - priced to sell

    Up for are some Surefire or matching Parts and a custom Maglite Strike Bezel. 1. Surefire Bundle * rare first Gen M3 Head (without Lens) * E2C Adapter * E-Series Tailcap (empty) * Space Carrier SC1 * M3 / K2 Bezel Romoval Tool * 2 extra Pouches (barely used - this is a freebie) Price...
  18. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired McGizmo 3Speed Light Engine - LAST HUUUGE DROP :)

    Up for sale is my McGizmo 3Speed LE in good condition. :) 3 Levels of Brightness, dont know what LED this is (maybe someone knows?:)). Tint is neutral i would guess, Beampattern perfect. LE fits any Aleph Lights, McGizmo Haiku, Sundrop, Mule etc. and similar Lights. 99$ 75$ >>> NOW 49$...
  19. toby_pra

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Ku Helix Zirc

    Up for sale is a pretty much rare Helix Zirconium in good condition. :) Steve did only a few of these. massiv Zirconium Body 6 Tritium Vials around Body (yellow - glowing bright) Saphhirecrystal 10180 Battery (2 new ones included) Cree XPG2 Led variable Brightnesssetting (up to 150Lumens i...