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  1. WarriorOfLight

    Is the "edit post" feature no longer available under the new formatting?

    I also have a question regarding the Edit functionality. It seems like I am only able to edit my posts for a while, means a few days or maybe some weeks. After that time I can not edit my posts anymore. In the past (before the forum was moved to xenforo) there was no limit on edit the own posts.
  2. WarriorOfLight

    HDS Systems #23

    If I need a clip on a HDS I usw Clicky, if not a Rotary. I am totally happy with the current design, but I am not a clip Person.
  3. WarriorOfLight

    post your faverite toys you had as a child and your fav toy now?

    When I was a kid: Matchbox cars, lego, ... the normal stuff kids like Later: My first PC, than my 2nd and 3rd PC :D Today: My APS-C Pentax equipment (Pentax K3III, Kp, tons of lenses), my HDS lights
  4. WarriorOfLight

    HDS around the World (PICS)

    This was 2020: Now the 2021 update taken some weeks ago. Last year I took the Bare AL, this year it is the Stainless Steel HDS: The difference is, this year the lighthouse was not closed due to corona :)
  5. WarriorOfLight

    911- 20 years later, where were you?

    Osama Bin Ladan is no Taliban, he is the "founder" of Al Quaida. The Taliban only accepted that Al Quaida is in Afghanistan... He is from Saudi Arabia and had rich parents. Only to prevent misunderstanding, the Taliban are no nice people, but non of the terror attacks (USA, France, Germany, ...)...
  6. WarriorOfLight

    For Sale Sportac P60 Drop in for Surefire and 18650 Host

    @German Max I will take #1! Also ich nehme die Nummer 1 :) Was kostet der Versand für D? Ich würde auch überweisen, also PP außen vor lassen, wenn das ok ist. Ich sende mal eine PM.
  7. WarriorOfLight

    WTB: HDS Titanium rotary OR old school Ti clicky.

    That is reasonable. The pictured Ti Clicky #10071 was posted by Hogo: The Picture was also posted in 2018 in CPF in the HDS section, if I remember correctly. Somewhere in the CPF is also an - outdated - Ti Clicky serial registry. ---- Also a possible way to find out of the offered light is -...
  8. WarriorOfLight

    I'm vegan, and why you should be too. AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    The important question is if someone is vegan, if it is ok to usw oil products since oil is fossil small dead animals. From what I know a true vegan is not using any leather products. But the good point is vegan leather is also bar for the environment like i.e. almond milk or soy or ...
  9. WarriorOfLight

    WTB: Surefire UM2

    @Nimitz68 Only for curiosity, what is the value today? The UM2 is not offered often here therfore my question, since I do not have an idea.... (I do not have a UM2 for offer, nor I want to buy one, just curious).
  10. WarriorOfLight

    HDS Systems #23

    That is bad. That means it takes another 3 month from now. But the good thing is you can visit the machinist and you take a reflector and throw it to his head and you say "This reflector is not in spec". You can do this 3000x, and I am quite sure after a few tries you will hit his head quite...
  11. WarriorOfLight

    "Wright Brothers" moment in nuclear fusion

    The discussion about fusion is from the 80s. When I was in education around this time there was the true believe that around 2000 the first fusion plants will be build. Now every few years there are some announcements or scientific articles meaning "we almost have it" And this "we almost have...
  12. WarriorOfLight

    Surefire AA: What do you want to see?

    My Surefire 1xAA dream light would be an E1L-AA Outdoosman with 80-100lm, and working exactly as all Outdoorsman lights. My favor is runtime over brightness, like it is in the Outdoorsman series.
  13. WarriorOfLight

    Who likes the Jelly format?

    I understand the reason for the Migration of the forum to xenoforo. But I am not a xenoforo fan at all. I am kind of oldschool, baybe that is the reason why I miss the ild forum style a little bit. But that is the way it is. No complain at all.
  14. WarriorOfLight

    which form factor of light do you hate?

    Hate is such a strong word. I do not like lights with built in rechargeable cells. This type of lights is designed to be trashed due to the fact the rechargeable can not be replaced if it is depleted.
  15. WarriorOfLight

    Converting Surefire KX4 head to accept P60 drop-in

    Yes that is necessary. For better understanding. When you remove the bezel of the KX4 the "dopin" will fall apart, means reflector and LED / Electronics part. Also the lens has a different size in compare to the Z44. If I remember correctly the dropin parts are needed to keep the lens on the...
  16. WarriorOfLight

    Converting Surefire KX4 head to accept P60 drop-in

    If you would like to use a KX4 for P60 dropins you must modify the inner of the head. The easiest way is seeking for a Z44 and use this Z44 with the Malkoff dropin, and let the KX4 in the way it is.
  17. WarriorOfLight

    any one know 1980s computer specs.

    You can replace Most with All: :D
  18. WarriorOfLight

    any one know 1980s computer specs.

    In the 80's normal computers (home computers) had a 8 bit CPU and maybe 64K RAM. Floppy disks were at 160KB or something like that. But in the 80s there were also computers available with "high calculation speed" i.e. Cray: Today a normal PC is much...
  19. WarriorOfLight

    Novatac 120T serial 12269 pics and questions

    But Hogo, you know there are always some people complaining. But at least that is my feeling here in the HDS community in CPF that most of the HDS customer knows how HDS ist working. But I know customers may be annoying ... at least sometimes.
  20. WarriorOfLight

    HDS Systems #23

    I habe two Novatac lights, both 120 P. But I do bot know were they are made. My lights habe an 10xxx and 21xxx.