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    Thrunite Ti - Impressions and Discussion

    I recently received a Thrunite Ti and wanted to post my impressions of this light. Please forgive the quality of the images as photography is something I seldom do. Additional comments will be added as the light is used over time. First the manufactures specs: • Cree XP-E R4 LED • 0.9-1.5V...
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    FTC Informational Sticky

    The FTC’s Revised Endorsement Guides: What People are Asking
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    Sold/Expired Updated CPF Custom and Modified Policies

    The Buy/Sell/Trade Forums are provided by CPF for private sales by our members. If you are a dealer or a manufacturer, your sales threads do NOT belong here. See "definitions" below. It is the responsibility of all members using this forum to know the Policies that apply, and to abide by...
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    Happy Birthday Beamhead!

    Probably should get the air compressor ready and use THAT nozzle to blow out the candles this year. :poke:
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    Happy Birthday [email protected]!

    Happy Birthday [email protected]!! You old [email protected] :nana:
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    The Welcome Mat - a FAQ

    The Welcome Mat thread, with the thrust of it being the opening post, written and maintained by TigerhawkT3, and reflecting suggestions from the member input of the replies contained in the thread, was inadvertently lost. This archival copy of that important post, is reprinted below...
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    SureFires & Icons Give-Away!

    Check out the latest Give Away at the Market Place! 4 SureFires and 2 Icon Lights!
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    Budget Lights forum

    This forum, the Budget Lights forum was created for a number of reasons. The main one being the sheer number of budget or "cheap" lights threads/posts being created. This will be a trial run. If it works out it may become permanent with adjustments made along the way. All of the policies both...
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    Budget lights thread.

    While performing some maintenance, BessieBenny's budget light thread was somehow misplaced. We are trying to correct the error and will hopefully have it available again soon. Thank you for your patience.
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    Happy Birthday Greta!

    Happy Birthday Wench! :nana:
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    LED Forum - Threads of Interest

    LED forum Master Sticky thread. Luminus Devices/Phatlight SST-50 4000+ Lumen Test & BridgeLux LED Review PhlatLight new SST-90 LED The new XP-G: another big announcement from CREE White LED lumen testing K2 and K2 TFFC Technical Information Thread LEDEngin - 10 watt / 15 watt...
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    Sold/Expired <SOLD> Mako wide beam

    MAKO IS SOLD In excellent condition and fully functional. I originally purchased 2 Mako's from Endeavor. One standard and one wide beam then picked up 2 other Mako's from others here on the forum so this on is up for sale. The wide beam version has a much smoother beam than the narrow beam...
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    Materials/Mechanical/Machining Specific Deals

    Members may post in this thread giving bare details of any Materials/Mechanical/Machining-related offer that they think might be of interest to fellow machinists. These may include offers that might otherwise be considered suitable for CPF MarketPlace in the Good Deals or Other Auction Notices...
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    “MYO” and “MYO Belt” Headlamps RECALL

    I didn't see this posted yet, know a lot of CPF'ers have them and wanted to get the word out on it. “MYO” and “MYO Belt” Headlamps "If this has already been posted, we'll merge the threads"
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    New Reviews forum policy

    Due to recent events and the forum not always being used for its intended purpose, we have applied new policies for the reviews forum. Effective immediately. All "reviews" threads are to be posted within their applicable forums. If administrators or moderators wish to have them published in...
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    03-26-08 CDT Maintenance

    CPF will close for maintenance this morning 03-26-08 CDT (U.S.) and will reopen once completed. The Market Place will remain open.
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    The Never Ending Story: Chapter Thirteen

    Chapter Twelve
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    SureFire E1B Backup part 2

    Original thread
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    The Never Ending Story: Chapter Twelve

    Chapter Eleven
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    The Never Ending Story: Chapter Eleven

    Chapter Ten