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  1. desert.snake

    SureFire Micro Scout Light Pro

    Has anyone already got this? It would be interesting to see the real discharge curve. Presumably, judging by the operating time and candelas, this is have same driver as the Titan Plus, but with only 1 operating mode. AAA is an interesting thing, but AA would be more versatile for weapons...
  2. desert.snake

    Bill Bagwell boot knife

    The blade is polished, there is natural oxidation. The metal has a forged pattern, a kind of clouds. The handle is cracked due to drying out of the wood. Leather sheath included. Overall lenght - 9 inch Blade lenght - 4.7 inch Blade thickness - 1/4 inch at the bolster and tapers towards the tip...
  3. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired WTS HDS Ra Twisty 100

    Used in good condition. There are 2 modes here. $180 including international shipping
  4. desert.snake

    WTS HDS Ra Ti Bezel, SureFire Beast, SureFire EB2

    *) HDS Systems titanium bezel with V - profile thread for Ra flashlight, example Ra Ti Clicky $ 90 80 including international shipping *) SF Beast II, good condition $ 2300 1800 1600 1500 1400 1250 1150 including international shipping or exchange for used Coolfall Spy007 *) SF...
  5. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired WTS Mcusta MC-0123D and Damascus Bowie

    1) Handmade Bowie "Small Bear", stainless damascus blade and guard, ironwood, new from maker $ 335 including international shipping 2) Mcusta MC-0123D Folder, damascus san-mai, VG10 core, new $ 160 including international shipping
  6. desert.snake

    WTT SureFire Beast II

    WTT SF Beast II in good condition for coolfall tri-v https://youtu.be/CIW7yEa1Wog
  7. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired Finished: Surefire Fury, 6PX, McGizmo Makai head

    1. SF Fury 15/500, used, good working sold $ 70 2. exclude from sale McGizmo Makai head with LE 1*AA 119V, very nice tint, new $ 340 3. McGizmo lunasol, little used sold $ 440 4. exclude from sale SF 6PX Pro 15/320, bored 18650, used Modified "+" spring and decided to keep for self, now...
  8. desert.snake

    WTS Surefire E2L

    I do not remember exactly which version it is, it shows 30 and 300 mA on the battery side $ 100 including international shipping
  9. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired withdrawn Reva NOS RI-2200 HID Searchlight, 2400 lumen

    Model RI-2200 with IR filter in good condition Shines in the same way as SF Dominator, but its brightness does not drop after a few minutes due to overheating https://web.archive.org/web/20060704044109/http://www.revanos.com/productdetail.php?pi=1 Included new spare bulb, 2 battery body -...
  10. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired Sold McGizmo Light Engine XP-L HI 4000K

    XP-L HI ~4000K in copper pill the driver works fine, the heatsink is good BitZ Driver [ https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?195410-Review-The-BitZ-Excellent-EDC-Light-(Updated) ] :: Sold $ 75 including international shipping
  11. desert.snake

    WTB Musyhondt Aeon MK2 Titanium

    WTB Aeon MK2 with Nichia 219A Titanium
  12. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired Sold Muyshondt Aeon MK3 and MK1

    1) Aeon MK1. Small used, very good condition. if I'm not mistaken, that was his topic https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?198005-The-Aeon-Flashlight-Now-Available Sold $ 175 including international shipping 2) Aeon MK3. Small used, very good condition. LED 219B version. Sold...
  13. desert.snake

    28 W HID lamp base question

    Can anyone help with determining the type of lamp base? These lamps were installed in RI-2200 https://web.archive.org/web/20060704044109/http://www.revanos.com/productdetail.php?pi=1 Here is a photo of the lamp of interest, first next to the car lamp and separately. I did not find any...
  14. desert.snake


    The firm makes good tools. Recently a friend of mine gave me this flashlight. Made of very high quality, has a lot of certificates for use in hazardous areas. Now I looked at their site and it looks like they switched to LEDs and the price in terms of lumens / dollars is more expensive than all...
  15. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired Sold HDS NC57 Rotary, SF 6P

    1) HDS NC57 Rotary 200 lm Sold $ 240 2) SF 6P, good condition Sold $ 60 1) 2)
  16. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired WTS Polarion 2 pcs

    Sold Polarion 2 pcs Polarion 2 pcs, case, charger, spare battery, filters, small used Sold $1450 with worldwide delivery
  17. desert.snake

    WTB / WTT McGizmo LE, Muishondt Aeon MK1 Ti

    Search WTB: 1) McGizmo LE 6V with any emitter 2) McGizmo LE 3S with XPG or XML Search WTT: 2) Muyshondt MK1 Ti to ...
  18. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired Sold Spyderco Military BG42 CF

    Small used, good condition Sold $ 320 300 including international shipping add video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCDboNBtz1A&feature=emb_logo
  19. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired WTS Orient DD03002B watch

    New, Japan $ 135 including international shipping or maybe exchange for a knife / lantern
  20. desert.snake

    Sold/Expired Sold WTS Muyshondt Flieger Proto

    1 of 24, differs from the standard only by the presence of the last mode memory Used, excellent working condition, there are a couple of small scratches very good beam Sold $325 including international shipping

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