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  1. desert.snake

    REVIEW: [RRS] Retractable Ruby Sharpener

    I believe you :) As soon as they arrive, I will tell you what happens to them.
  2. desert.snake

    REVIEW: [RRS] Retractable Ruby Sharpener

    One of my jeweler friends, when I threw him your sharpening topic, pointed out this link to me, says that they are very good stones. Have you tried them? He will send me some ruby files. I climbed the site a little, it seems that this equipment is...
  3. desert.snake

    Led identification help... "Found"

    The main thing is not to cross the rays with the greenish SureFire, then it will appear blue)))
  4. desert.snake

    Led identification help... "Found"

    CREE XP-G2
  5. desert.snake

    REVIEW: [RRS] Retractable Ruby Sharpener

    Very good idea with kohinoor holders!
  6. desert.snake

    Bezels for HDS and triple flashlight from special metals

    Mokume lights will be 2 pieces, 1300 each including delivery, and one zirconium
  7. desert.snake

    Bezels for HDS and triple flashlight from special metals

    Thank you very much for the kind words, I'm glad you liked it))
  8. desert.snake

    Knife Chatter. Show and Tell!

    Here are a few of mine, 1 or 2 of them are constantly with me. Recently, after one incident, I realized that it does not matter how good the knife is, but if you do not take sharpening devices with you, then all kinds of random circumstances can bring unexpected problems. It's like taking a...
  9. desert.snake

    Surefire Question

    There are many ways, you can disassemble this lid and put new guts there, which you can take in these places or in other (this is what came out first in the search, if you look further, you can find something else) But this is an irreversible operation and you only have one click-switch left...
  10. desert.snake

    Surefire Question

    Yeah, as wrote Olumin - here standard tactical tailcap, constant on only when the lid is fully turned, like in 6P. The light itself is good, it can be made dual-mode if unscrew the head and restore the cut track. But then it will be necessary to replace the tailcap with a clickable one for...
  11. desert.snake

    Surefire Question

    Please take a picture of the back cover from the inside. Interesting to see the guts of the switch. Like that -
  12. desert.snake

    Bill Bagwell boot knife

    price drop
  13. desert.snake

    SureFire Micro Scout Light Pro

    Has anyone already got this? It would be interesting to see the real discharge curve. Presumably, judging by the operating time and candelas, this is have same driver as the Titan Plus, but with only 1 operating mode. AAA is an interesting thing, but AA would be more versatile for weapons...
  14. desert.snake

    XP-L Hi Lumen output? page 9 - default levels as wrote Jfowler you can see the approximate amount of lumens on the characteristic There are several sites where you can get lumen values, such as this, but this is also created on the basis of data...
  15. desert.snake

    WTS HDS Ra Ti Bezel, SureFire Beast, SureFire EB2

    SF R1 Lawman sold to UK price drop
  16. desert.snake

    Zebra H600Fc Soft Brick

    The same behavior with any battery. It seems to me that this is due to a memory overflow in the driver or something like that, I can't say for sure, but it really happens most often when switching mode groups and reconfiguring them. I also unscrew the back cover so it goes out, then I screw it...

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