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  1. mkphc

    WTB Boss 35 alluminum

    Wtb Boss 35 1st gen in alluminum User ok [email protected]
  2. mkphc

    Sold/Expired McGizmo Sundrop XR-u/mule for sale SOLD

    For saleExcellent condition! McGizmo Sundrop XR-U head With an XPL-Hi LE 3 mode And a 123 clicky pack Also included is a Mule head With UV LE Plain clip And Cracked ice clip $425 shipping and fees included PayPal only conus only i can email better pics upon request SOLD THANK YOU
  3. mkphc

    Sold/Expired WTS mcgizmo haiku. SOLD

    WTS mcgizmo haiku $425 PayPal shipping and fees included conus only
  4. mkphc

    Sold/Expired WTS lot

    Group lot taiblo a-8 dqd aa inova x5 2 xeno s3a neutral $60 all conus PayPal all used all work all good
  5. mkphc

    Sold/Expired WTS BOSS COMBO

    WTS boss combo 35/70 Deleon cap,crenelated bezel distressed aluminum I think it’s xpl-hi 4K red used carried NOT DROPPED $550 conus PayPal
  6. mkphc

    Sold/Expired WTS ZEBRALIGHT SC52w

    WTS zebralight sc52w aa/14500 neutral Used, usual carry marks $50 to me conus PayPal
  7. mkphc


    WTS peak aaa collection All aluminum All black all used usual carry marks $25 2 single aaa bodies with qtc 1SOLD $25 1 double aaa body without qtc and key ring attachment 1mule Nicha 219 head. SOLD $25 1 regular head with neutral $25 1 x medium neutral $25 1 ultra x medium neutral both these...
  8. mkphc

    Sold/Expired WTS DRACO. SOLD!

    Draco aluminum used carried usual wear marks plus 5 1080 4 new 1 older awesome piece I think it’s 5k $150 con us PayPal
  9. mkphc

    Sold/Expired WTS EAGTAC D3aTi

    Used NOT abused usual pocket wear about 1yr old xpl hi 4500 neutral looking for usd PayPal only let’s try $50
  10. mkphc

    Sold/Expired WTB Draco aaa extender

    WTB Draco aaa extender chrome aluminum please [email protected]
  11. mkphc

    Looking for new AA light

    Looking for a neutral thin 3 mode efficient twisty ok please help
  12. mkphc

    Sold/Expired WTT boss 35 copper

    Possible trade ?I have a boss 35 copper/219/amber I would love to trade for any aluminum regardless of condition, XPL/high combo or 35 plus you add $
  13. mkphc

    Help understanding imr 18350

    Ordered some batteries from eBay and was given a different brand then was advertised Claimed to be AW but are effest are these any good?
  14. mkphc

    Sold/Expired Oveready BOSS 70 body

    Yes please
  15. mkphc

    Aaa neutral ??

    Please help me find a aaa neutral light please!
  16. mkphc

    aaa mag style pen clips?

    does ant one know where to source these? really going crazy looking for them thanks in advance!
  17. mkphc

    Which one - Tiablo A6, Fenix TK10 or Fenix TK11?

    Tiablo A-6? will it work with 2 rcr123, runtime or is it better with 17670? Fenix T-10 will it work with 2 rcr123, runtime Fenix T-11 will it work with 2 rcr123, runtime or is it better with 18650? I'm looking to NOT run on primaries, but rather the best light for rechargeables based on...
  18. mkphc

    most efficient/brighest on 14500?

    title says it all!
  19. mkphc

    help me decide

    Fenix L1D or Nite core defender?
  20. mkphc

    L1D-CE safe on 14500?

    how are these w 14500? ok? super? how is the run time? I'm looking for an extended long term use review thanks in advance! Mike

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