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  1. thermal guy


    So got bored and now I have a red G2😁
  2. thermal guy

    Identify a peak

    Not the best picture and I’m not real good with older peak lights. Anyone know what they are?
  3. thermal guy

    First Generation Inova X5

    Has Anyone ever heard of Inova making an entirely Stainless steel version of there X5?
  4. thermal guy

    [email protected]@Surefire aviator led ring

    Looking for a led ring white preferably.
  5. thermal guy

    WTB 18650 Body Extender “ oveready “

    Looking for his older knurling style. He just got back in stock with them and changed it completely. Will look like hell on a Malkoff. Please PM if you got one. Thanks
  6. thermal guy

    Leef/mag build

    So I was gifted by a very kind member a leef 26650 body with a mag adapter and mag head. Anyone have any luck setting one of these up? Will a Malkoff mag dropin work? Thanks.
  7. thermal guy

    Surefire Sc2

    Looking for a spares carrier for my M4. For batteries and a MN60, MN61 etc. let me know what you got. Thanks.
  8. thermal guy

    Puma white hunter

    Wanted one of these since I was a little kid and seriously thinking of getting one.I’m a little confused about a few things. First what’s the difference between the 6377 and 6399 ? And are the brand new models that puma makes just as good as there old stuff? Thanks for the help
  9. thermal guy

    Sold/Expired WTB SF weapons bag

    Looking to get a sf weapons bag. The one that holds the light, filters and such. Just the bag. Thanks
  10. thermal guy

    Streamlight TL3 is pretty awesome

    So I have been getting into incandescent lights a little bit again and got a great deal on a few of these. Wow. Old old school but damn things are bright, throw a ton and are way better then I thought they would be. Not really going anywhere with this post just wanted to voice my opinion 😁
  11. thermal guy

    Candlepower forum flashlight

    I remember buying a flashlight on here that was designed on here 18650 I think had two buttons on the body? Think milky was involved with it? Anyone know what I’m talking about? Got to be 12-15 years ago. Think it was a P4 led.
  12. thermal guy

    SF weapons light?

    Anyone know if I can put a standard tail switch on this? It looks like a 660 weapons light but a single cell. It’s pretty short.
  13. thermal guy

    Sold/Expired Found!!!Lumens Factory C-to-M Adapter for surefire

    I’m working on a project and was just informed that the C to M adapter I ordered in august won’t be here till end of month I’m not that patient. Anyone got one there not using that won’t set me back a ton as it’s going in the parts bin when my new one gets here. Thanks.
  14. thermal guy

    Sold/Expired WTB:: Valiant Concepts/ V.M.E. 123F twisty body

    Long shot I know but looking for a 123 twisty body for my Malkoff. Thanks.
  15. thermal guy


    I have been doing a little research and see you can put a D36 Size dropin in a Z46 head. Anyone ever hear or put a P60 in one before? Really like to drop a M91 in one.
  16. thermal guy

    Peter Hauk ???

    I probably should know but who is this guy? Surefire?
  17. thermal guy

    El Capitan, Leather holster

    Anyone know of a good small leather sheath for one.
  18. thermal guy

    Sold/Expired FOUND!!! WTB...MD3 body and switch

    Looking for one in like new condition “I like to be the one to beat it up” just seeing if I can save some cash before I head to the site. Please PM if you have one. Thanks
  19. thermal guy

    Lanyard stuff

    Hey where does everyone get there parts for making lanyards? The plastic hold things that go on the ends and the spring things etc etc.
  20. thermal guy

    Surefire 8X

    So just picked one up not really sure why lol. Ok so yes I know the stock battery sucks and I know people make adapters to run a 18650. My question is can I just run a 18650 with a spacer and be done or does something also need to be done with the switch.

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