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  1. raggie33

    any of you all into rocks and gems?

    ive got 3 tumlers going now it is so slow process but its well worth it
  2. raggie33

    ok i finnaly have a flashlight brand im loyal to

    its zebra light i love how long they run with small power sources .stream light is still the light i hate.mainly becuase back when i started geting into led lights i got a ride all the way to a miltary buy my first led light i get a streamlight thr one that used 3 aa cells in seriees. i...
  3. raggie33

    the electric car and truck thread hect bikes to

    there the future the teslas are now already beating race cars on the track that hve to be towed to the track the teslas show up by driving and beat many of the race cars. just imagine when we put a motor in eaxh wheeel hub..i have a crazy small battery powered tool that is strong enough to...
  4. raggie33

    best place to get cheap cargo pants

    all my life everyday ive just worn cheap blue jeans and a cottton tshirt. well now i feel i need pockets lots of pockets so i want cargo pants are there any good cheap pants?if so name them please
  5. raggie33

    im no expert but duracell aa are the best

    they provide the highest startup amps and 2nd best runtime losing to energizer l91s . but the duracell give me more amps and brithness in my zebra
  6. raggie33

    ok i have issues

    i just counted i have around 400 aa batterys lol. im just worried my country is going to go thru a depresion that makes 29 seem like good times. i hope im wrong
  7. raggie33

    darkest place you have ever been?

    me it was paulding county ga. how about you
  8. raggie33

    post your faverite toys you had as a child and your fav toy now?

    as a child i loved erecter sets chemistry sets and cox planes . today its flashlights and good audio gear
  9. raggie33

    give me throw and lots of lumens

    not a fan of a light with 1000 meter throw but only 900 lumens looks like a laser to me not to pratical to me. but im just a old flashlight guy
  10. raggie33

    is zebralight sc5w ii the best aa light?

    its just so dang old. id would of guessed by now a new driveer and led would be out. my number one important feature of lights is the most lumens per watt. tint is like 3 or 4th fav feature and small size is 2nd best feature
  11. raggie33

    Zebralight lantern
  12. raggie33

    god im so old

    i hurt my self playing air guitar
  13. raggie33

    best non rechargable battery for aa zebralight

    well out of the ones i tested which was amazon alk aa . rayovac alk aa duracel alk aa and energizer alk aa. duracall was the best far as maxium output
  14. raggie33

    ok who is rocking the oldest computer?

    who kept it old school post your specs
  15. raggie33

    newmans own foods!

    had it for the first time today the pasta sauce is amazeing
  16. raggie33

    i think i have issues!

    true story a few moments ago i hugged my flashlight! lol they just relax me
  17. raggie33

    what feature would you love to see in a light?

    i say a usb or blutooth inerface. where you could adjusr features and update firmware
  18. raggie33

    which form factor of light do you hate?

    my number one hated light is them dang 3 aaa lights. i hate them so much but i hate most multi cell lights. i want my light to use one battery .so how about you?
  19. raggie33

    weird energizer aa lithium issue!

    its dimmer then basic aa akaline battery in my zebralight. anyone know why?.

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