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  1. UFO

    How do you explain this Hobby?

    When I tell people one of my hobbies is knives, it doesn't raise an eyebrow. But when I tell them I'm into flashlights they look at me like I'm crazy. So how do you explain this hobby to people that think all we do is "play with flashlights"?
  2. UFO

    Surefire G2X 2nd Generation.

    Does anyone here have any clear photos of the 2nd Generation G2X? I know what the 1st and 3rd look like but I'd like to see what the 2nd looks like. I don't believe I've ever seen one.
  3. UFO

    Surefire G2X Explanation

    Can someone here tell me what the difference is between these four Surefire lights: 1. G2X LE 2. G2X Tactical 3. G2X Pro 4. G2X Pro V2. All replies welcome.
  4. UFO

    Surefire Question

    I have a Surefire P2X Fury. Great light. I do, however, have a question about the tail cap switch. Generally, you insert a battery/ies, screw the tail cap down all the way, and you can then click the light on and off, or use "marginal" pressure to have momentary on/off. The only way to keep...
  5. UFO

    Flashlight Grip Tape

    Does anyone know of any companies that sell some type of grip tape for flashlights? I remember back in the 70's, we used to put grip tape on our skateboards so we wouldn't go sliding around everywhere. Gave us a much better gripping surface. I'm sure someone, somewhere makes this stuff. Anyone...
  6. UFO

    Cheers to Greg at "BrightGuy".

    Greg at "BrightGuy" has been most helpful to me with information as well as fast, courteous customer service, sometimes at his own expense. Can't say enough good things about this company.
  7. UFO

    Cheers & Jeers Question

    I'm new here and don't want to break any rules. On the "Cheers & Jeers" section, is this only for transactions within the CPF community, or are we allowed to address "good/poor" customer service from outside companies? I received exceptional service from a flashlight store and wanted to let...
  8. UFO

    16650 Battery

    Why is it that the 16650 battery seems scarce and not many companies make them? I would think that with all the discussions about being careful to not use "Mis-Matched" CR123 Batteries (X2), that 16650's would be more readily available. Am I missing something here?
  9. UFO

    Single 21700 Charger

    I'm having a difficult time finding a single cell charger for a 21700 Protected Button Top Battery. My Nitecore UMS-2 works with those just fine, but I also wanted to find a single cell charger as well. I see many of them that say "...will fit 21700", but what they really mean is, a "Flat Top...
  10. UFO

    Eagletac or Eagtac? Which one is it?

    I see this name mentioned here quite often and I'm confused. Will someone here please set the record straight on this? Is it "Eagletac", "Eagtac", or are they two different companies?
  11. UFO

    Battery Storage and Ventilation.

    Do any of you long time members here know of any thread that deals with "Ventilation" as it pertains to long term battery storage? I looked for one but was unsuccessful, and I don't want to re-hash something that's already been covered.
  12. UFO

    Streamlight "Strion" Li-Ion Battery

    I was comparing a Nitecore 21700 battery to my Streamlight Strion battery (Part# 74175), and it is nearly identical in size to the 21700. Does anyone here know if that Strion battery is in fact a 21700?
  13. UFO

    Better grip for Nitecore MH1C

    Don't know if this fully qualifies for a modification but I thought I would pass this along. I have two Nitecore MH1C flashlights. These are single cell CR123A lights. They are just a tad over 4" OAL so not a lot to get a grip on, and my fingers were always resting on the smooth portion of the...
  14. UFO

    Flashlight Batteries: Inside or Out?

    I have two categories of flashlights: EDC, and ones that I store and use if I'm going camping or hiking and need really good lights. My EDC's I keep with the batteries inside, ready to go at a moments notice. I store the higher end ones without the batteries as I don't want to compress the...
  15. UFO

    How do they do it? (adjust light output)

    I looked for a thread on this but was unsuccessful, so I hope you don't mind if this has been asked before. LED Brightness: How do manufacturers "make" a flashlight burn at a specific brightness level? What I mean is, if my flashlight has a Lumen rating of 750, how do companies "make" the...
  16. UFO

    Responding with Partial Quote.

    I belong to other forums whereby I can post to a thread with a "Partial Quote" from another user. What I mean is, instead of replying with the entire post that the other member wrote, I can highlight just the portion I want, and then post my answer. I have tried several different times to do...
  17. UFO

    This got me thinking...

    On my last thread, I asked about "Single Cell 123A" Flashlights. I received a variety of really good information. One post in particular got me thinking. I was informed that some of the newer "Single Cell" 123 designs would only accept rechargeable 123's. That got me thinking. Therefore, I have...
  18. UFO

    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    I'm curious as to what flashlights some of you carry/use that are single cell CR123A's. I've just purchased a Streamlight 1L-1AA but I'd like to see what others use. Any and all responses are most assuredly welcome. Mike
  19. UFO


    I haven't read too much here about Streamlight. It seems that most of the discussions are about the newer (for me) players in the illumination world like Acebeam, Fenix, Nitecore, Olight, and the works. I wonder if the popularity of larger size lights like the Stinger LED have been replaced by...
  20. UFO

    16650 Battery

    Does anyone know of any reputable places to buy the 16650 Rechargeable Battery besides "Illumn" in California (backordered), and Amazon? I've tried Li-Ion Wholesale, Battery Junction, 18650 Battery Store, and IMR with no luck. Any information would be greatly appreciated. ____________ Mike