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    7225 Rear fog bulb

    We had a customer come in yesterday with a 2008 997.1 Carrera that had a rear fog lamp out. Nothing I could find online showed what bulb it took, so we removed it and I read 7225 on the original Osram. The only thing we could get in short time was a Sylvania LL. I can get a Philips 7225 from...
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    2005 Silverado improvements

    I just acquired a 2005 Silverado 2500. The forward lamps appear to be in good condition which leaves me to believe that they've been replaced at some point, likely with aftermarket garbage. I'll inspect further. Unlike my 2005 GMC Sierra, I'm unaware of any better lamp options other than...
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    9145 to 9005/9011

    I'm assuming this is a no-go. I want to be sure, so I'm asking the experts. I recently replaced my 2005 GMC headlamps with new OEM lamps, and now the rest of my 15 year old cloudy lamps are bothering me. I'm bored, stuck at home and surfing the world wide web. I found that LMC shows replacement...
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    3157 alternative (non amber)

    I've been searching but haven't found the answer I'm looking for. Could be an oversight on my part. I'm looking to improve the DRL and Tail Lamp bulbs in my GMT800 05 Sierra. I understand that 4114k is the correct bulb for the DRL. Is the 4114k superior to a 3457K? Where can I find the best...
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    JW Speaker LED Auxiliary Driving Light – Model 8710

    A discussion with a friend prompted me to browse the JW website and found this: LED Auxiliary Driving Light – Model 8710 It seems very suspiciously reasonably priced here. I'm wondering if the item is incorrect. Either way is it worth using if one was needing a 7" round auxiliary?
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    RV Improvements

    Yesterday, my boss asked me about upgrading the lighting on his 2004 Travel Supreme 40DS04. Actually, he asked about replacing the fogs with "LED - something bright as poop," but I'm hoping to provide him with useful information instead. It appears that they take Mack CH Series headlamps and...
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    2006 Dodge Magnum upgrades

    My in-laws just obtained a 2006 Magnum. The car is in pretty good shape for it's age but as expected all the exterior lamps are pretty much garbage. What options do we have to improve the lighting when replacing the headlamps, tail lamps and fog lamps? It looks like I can get an OEM Mopar set...
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    Air-Cooled Porsche lighting upgrades

    My (most) fun toy is an '88 Porsche 911 Carrera. Pics available here The headlamp system is currently upgraded with this relay kit: and Philips Xtreme Vision 9004 bulbs. I...
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    Rigid DOT selective yellow Fog Lamps Discuss! (Fog lights in the grille?!) :shakehead
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    GMT800 Z71 Tahoe lighting upgrades

    The links are no longer working from this post. I have a co-worker with a GMT800 Z71 Tahoe that was inquiring about headlights today. What is the latest and greatest for these models?
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    I have an aiming machine!

    I had to pick up some wheels/tires from work last night (Mercedes-Benz service) and I decided I'd use the empty shop to aim my GMC Sierra's headlamps per Stern's instructions. I brought my tape measure, tape, marker etc. One of the technicians saw me and asked why I didn't use the aiming...
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    OEM Mercedes H7 upgrade

    I work at a Mercedes-Benz dealership and found out we carry part# A0009980307 as an upgrade for customers with halogen H7 headlights. Does anyone know anything about these bulbs? They are advertised on one site as "GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ H7 LAMP SET WITH 80% MORE LIGHT"
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    Porsche Cayenne improvements

    My wife's most recent daily driver is a 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo with HIDs The headlights were pretty cloudy when we got it so we had those polished and covered in PPF to prevent future clouding. I noticed the headlamps are different colors from left to right and at some point I'd like to go...
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    2001 PT Cruiser lighting

    My mother-in-law has had a 2001 PT Cruiser ever since my wife & I started dating over 15 years ago. It used to be really nice but has been degrading....especially the headlamps. It's gotten so bad that she doesn't drive at night now. For her birthday we were talking about getting the headlamps...