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    Hella 90mm Bi-Halogen Hi/Lo, how do they rate?

    How about the Kioto 7" H4? Last I heard, it was a better pick than the Cibie.
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    Fix / retrofit/ replace Delta off-road light bar

    I know on the 99-06 Silverado/Sierra, an LED CHMSL will cause the cruise control to not function. I chose not to use LED turn signals in my 2005 Sierra to avoid the necessary modifications associated with hyper-flashing. In fact, the only LEDs on my truck are the two brake lamp bulbs. I've...
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    7225 Rear fog bulb

    I ended up purchasing a pair of Osram 7225 bulbs from our supplier to keep in stock. We will probably never need them again!
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    7225 Rear fog bulb

    I was at Mercedes-Benz for four years and a lot of people unintentionally drive around with the rear fog lamp on. They just think they're turning on all the forward lights they can when driving. They'd come in saying they were told they had a tail lamp out, so I would inform them on how and when...
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    7225 Rear fog bulb

    I don't think he'd ever even used it. Maybe the previous owner mistakenly used it all the time like I see so many do. I just don't want to install crap LL bulbs in my clients' vehicles if I can help it.
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    7225 Rear fog bulb

    We had a customer come in yesterday with a 2008 997.1 Carrera that had a rear fog lamp out. Nothing I could find online showed what bulb it took, so we removed it and I read 7225 on the original Osram. The only thing we could get in short time was a Sylvania LL. I can get a Philips 7225 from...
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    Lighted LED Whips

    What you want is a chase light, but you could correctly mount a legitimate rear fog lamp like a Hella 003030151 which could also be useful and legal if you ever drive on the road in low visibility weather (fog, torrential rain or snow.) Porsche used to mount two or more of them up high on their...
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    NAPA's LED sealed beam lamps

    I'm betting the experts will break our hearts, but I hope they are better than standard sealed beams. These would be perfect for those of us wanting to maintain the period-look of our older cars.
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    Low Profile Flood Lights For My Van

    I believe those are same "rock" lights we installed as bed lights in an '88 F350 I built several years ago for an heir to the largest retailer in the world. They would've been great for use on the outside of the custom rack we had built to haul SUP boards and mountain bikes. The 8' bed was...
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    Pendant/stud mount LED aux reverse light?

    Wow, I'd never thought about that. I'm around cars all day at work, and I'm pretty sure they all have that "entry lighting" feature.
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    Pendant/stud mount LED aux reverse light?

    The purpose of reverse lamps is not rearward vision, but to signal others that you are reversing. You can effectively brighten your reverse lamps by installing 3457 bulbs. Virgil or others may have a another recommendation . A camera may be a good option if you want to improve rear vision while...
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    Make a 3496 amber? Or use 2357A?

    I run the Honda bulbs in the front turn signals of my GMC Sierra. They are amber glass, not coated glass.
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    Help wanted with constant current circuitry for automotive lighting!

    You had a good suggestion for him! It was done here.
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    H3 fog bulb and 796 reverse bulb upgrades for MB W126

    I bought my 796 bulbs from Daniel Stern. He also has several options for quality H3 bulbs listed, so I'm sure he could hook you up with the right ones for your particular fog lamps. I just used plain jane H3 bulbs from Sylvania in the yellow fog lamps on my '88 Carrera, but I'll likely get...
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    03-06 GMC Sierra Housing & Bulb Upgrades

    Close. The Denali housings take a 9005 in both the high and low beams so that means you can use the 9011 in both! The Toshibas are the best bulb available and you can buy them from Daniel Stern for about half the cost of the Toyota branded bulbs. For a total plug-n-play upgrade I would...
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    STEDI Off-Road Lights?

    I'm surprised that he didn't already suggest them, but Virgil normally recommends the Hella 350 or 470 LED light bars. The 470 is just a wider version of the 350. They are available in different beam patterns and are stackable, so one could have multiple lamps for different situations. Your...
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    Best H7 Low Beam bulb for an 06 B9 Subaru Tribeca?

    Virgil gave you then answer, and then you asked the question again.
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    GMT800 Z71 Tahoe lighting upgrades

    I should know better than to ask this. How bad are the Dorman replacements? My brother-in-law just paid $1000 for a '99 Silverado and all the forward lamps are completely shot. I know he's not going to spend $300 on OEM lamps and I'm hoping to steer him away from any of the eBay garbage. I have...
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    Looking for a replacement for a sealed beam headlamp

    If it matters (it doesn't,) my vote is for either of the Koito lamps. The Koito H4 would maintain the period-correct look. The Koito LED doesn't look absurd, and would be a good compromise between the H4 & the best-in-class JW Speaker.