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  1. snakebite

    flashlight museum gone?

    tried to look up a light and got redirected to some lightbulb dealer. and no malware here.
  2. snakebite

    Sold/Expired wanted black&decker vp225 metal flashlight

    this is a versapak light made of aluminum.
  3. snakebite

    vintage or reproduction?

    did eveready ever contract manufacturing to china on their old lights? or is this a reproduction? look at the tailcap...
  4. snakebite

    quick review coilart 21700 4000mah 40 amp=bravo sierra!

    :fail: this is a 20a cell. typical overrated rewrap nonsense! it comes close to ratings of the cell it contains and performs as expected from its datasheet. but coilarts rating is dangerous BS! at 20a it gets hot.measured 81c and 3751 mah. at 40a it sags to nothing. and may very well fail...
  5. snakebite

    when did maglight start using the cat head on the solitaire?

    i have one in cobalt blue without the logo. was going to led mod it to 5mm hi cri and 10440 li-ion. but i have to drill the reflector. hate to hack up a rare one if there is such a thing as a rare solitaire.or anyone even cares about these.
  6. snakebite

    more turd polishing.3aa 9 led hf freebie high cri 18650 mod

    i am sure everyone here has these things around.this mod SHOULD be doable to most 9 led 3aaa light. start by punching the board,lense,reflector out from the inside.i do it on a carpeted bench with a 3/4” extension. the big end fits fine.lens down on the carpeted surface and tap it lens...
  7. snakebite

    5mm leds with good life and cri found cheap.yuji replacement? these are used in photographic lighting by same seller.seller is reliable and these have stood the tests of time and silly...
  8. snakebite

    where to get empty 5mm paralell cluster boards?

    like the one in the common 32 led gordon flashlight at harbor freight.that one and its reflector assy works perfect for this project. the reflector would be nice too. did a few with round radioshack perfboards but premade for the purpose would be nice.
  9. snakebite

    Sold/Expired wanted dead black&decker/craftsman versapak batteries and chargers

    need some versapak batteries and chargers. i have been converting my stuff to lithium ion.hence dead and cheap wanted
  10. snakebite

    another "whateverfire" explosion.

    cheap ebay single 18650 light with a somethingfire(yes this is what he said) battery. local fd guy took it to examine.blew off the tailcap while the light was in use. i will try to get pics and the link it was purchased from to make sure everyone knows what happened.nobody got hurt.will have to...
  11. snakebite


    sure sounds like it from reading the description.
  12. snakebite

    guidesman 14 led 3aaa to 18650 in 5 minutes.

    Guidesman 14 led 3aaa to 18650 in 5 minute they can be found at are a fast and cheap conversion to 18650. they are probably sold under many...
  13. snakebite

    any of the shelf optics for altilon or samsung 1x4 headlight led's?

    have not seen anything for these yet.want to do something more with them than desklamp mods.
  14. snakebite

    harbor freight "thunderbolt magnum" aaa in cheap flashlight lives up to its name!boom

    harbor freight "thunderbolt magnum" aaa in cheap flashlight lives up to its name!boom a friend sent me this pic of a harbor freight battery that exploded in one of those cheap n nasty 3aaa led lights. blew off the end of the light and the guts of 1 cell. he thinks it came on in his pocket and...
  15. snakebite

    what light uses a t1 6v bulb?

    found a few bags full of t1? bulbs same size as minimaglites use. tried on 2 aa and dim.tried on a 6v lantern la and looked good. i suspect these were pulled during mods back in the day. anyone remember these? 2 3.2v lithium ion aa and one of these in a minimag?
  16. snakebite

    mag knockoffs? different but some features are close.
  17. snakebite

    how common was the arc lshf-p?

    found one i got in a deal wayyyy back. dont see much about them.were many made? still seems to be a decent performer stock.
  18. snakebite

    anyone try the new maglite bipin bulbs in a doublebarrel?

    i found a pelican bulb that works but isnt anywhere near as good as original.noticed the new maglite c and d bipins.have not seen any local to compare. so anyone try it yet?
  19. snakebite

    anyone else rehydrating sick nimh/nicd cells?

    have some hitachi 5ah d nicads i have had 20 years and used when i got them.well many of them are coming to the end of their long life.or so i thought. the ones that went 0v sitting are goners due to shorts. but the lazy ones have high impedance.some .27 ohm measured with my **** smith esr...
  20. snakebite

    china "led light beads"any good?

    esp warm white.looking for warm whites that are easy to work with in diy stuff.some will be build by kids.these are in a luxeon style package.i remember early warm white led's from china having bad color puke green tint.i have cool white covered with older cree and k2.