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    Eveready Alkaline Powercell

    Robert Conrad
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    Battery Issue

    A few years ago, I purchased six LS 16340s made by a company called GTL to use in my modded Surefire G2. I think they may have been charged twice in that time since the G2 has been relegated to 3rd or 4th backup. I just put 2 of these 16340s in my XTAR VP2 charger and one of them refuses to...
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    Help me Decide

    So I received a "Highlighted Posts" email the other day, after not having been on the forum for quite a while. Against my better judgement, I began pursuing the various posts. You basterds now have me wanting another light, even though I don't need one. I was thinking on...
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    20700 Lights

    Are there any lights available that are sized for the 20700 battery? I cannot seem to find any. - Thanks
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    Texas Lumens

    Has Texas Lumens gone out of business? I cannot seem to find their website anymore. - Thanks
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    Advice Request for new Light

    Greetings from W. TX - new member here - although I have lurked for quite some time. I recently attempted to upgrade an older Surefire G2 with a conversion kit from flea-bay (Chinese CREE Q5 LED Drop-In module with reflector and aluminum head) and, of course, it didn't fit correctly. Quality...