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  1. Skeeterg

    Liking my DN-11 & 12

    Both showed up in the mail today,heck I didn't realize or forgot they came with a battery. Which makes the price even better. The touch activation is a bit different than the E series lights,and beam patterns seem the same though. Will take them for a walk later toniteafter batteries are...
  2. Skeeterg

    ATTN Imalent

    Hey Imalent, can you let us know if you have anything else new coming? I would love to see some upgrades to the DDT40 like more lumens and longer throw to. Also update another new version for the SA04,my colored LEDs on my older versions are pretty weak. Also another light with a laser like...
  3. Skeeterg

    Raptor flashlight

    Anyone own one of these lights? Love the design,but not sure what led they are using. If I can't get any info from you guys here I will message them,and post info. I want to buy this light
  4. Skeeterg

    DD2R & DD2RV

    Hi Imalent, I was on your website looking for a description of these 2 lights,and would like to know what is the difference?
  5. Skeeterg

    Jeers to Gearbest

    I probably will get some bashing,since this company is popular here,but anyways. I am still waiting for products I ordered Feb 4th. I messaged them twice now,and the say be patient. I am trying to be,but I purchased items from them 2 weeks after my original order,and I received those items...
  6. Skeeterg

    Cheers to danny70

    Purchased mm15vn from Danny,and item was as described with super fast shipping. Thanks again.
  7. Skeeterg

    A bit extreme shipping cost

    Hey folks, I was gonna order a light from your website since you are the only ones to have this light in stock,and the price is pretty good,but 56 dollars to ship to the US? I am not buying a big screen TV just a little light. This seems a bit extreme.
  8. Skeeterg

    Email failure notice??

    I tried sending Imalent a message twice threw Yahoo,and I get the failure notice. I used their email [email protected]??
  9. Skeeterg

    Sold/Expired Imalent lights

    It's a long shot,but looking for the new DDT40 2016 version and the DD2R flashlights. New condition and cheap to,,jk. Shoot me a message here if you wish to depart with anyone of these beauties.Mike.
  10. Skeeterg

    Battery question

    Hello all, I have this remote control that uses 27a 12v battery,and wish to know efore i make an order will 23a 12v battery work?Mike
  11. Skeeterg

    Acebeam retailers

    Hello folks, I am looking at purchasing Acebeam tk25 flashlight,and notice not much availability from U.S. stores. Are they not very popular or a bad product or what? If so, you have another light to recommend that's very similar to the tk25. tia