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  1. TheMediocrePirate

    Significant 4XAA Battery short in Fenix headlamp

    I woke up early last week to catch a flight to Washington state for a quick mountaineering expedition up to the top of Mt. Ranier. In my final preparations before leaving the house, I put in 4 brand new duracell AAs in my Fenix HP25 which I've had it for a while. So far it's been reliable, and...
  2. TheMediocrePirate

    Advice on cheap(er) dive lights?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy my friend (and fellow Public Safety Diver) a dive light for her sport diving gear. Unfortunately, I really don't have any experience with any experience with any other lights other then what I dive with the rescue group i work with (old school Xenon Sabre...
  3. TheMediocrePirate

    P60 LED "dome" falling off/ P60 (2XAA) Suggestions

    I recently purchased a SolrForce light, and the drop in that came in with it was working fine until the little plastic lens infront of the LED. It still works but is doesn't throw at all. The funny thing is that i can push the little lens back onto where it was before and it works great for a...
  4. TheMediocrePirate

    Good AA flashlight for EMT/Resque for about 50$?

    Hello, I am currently working as an EMT. I have found the need for a light that's a little more powerful than my penlight or my little Gerber Infinity. I have been looking around the net but i am completely confused. I will buy a used light if someone is selling... here are some things i am...